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The gentle giant | by JoLoLog
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The gentle giant

The gentle giant • Calgary stampede, Stampede park, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


July 9, 2012 • Taken by Lorien, processed by Lorien and Moshe


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See it big here!


Impression of a Clydesdale horse, the gentle giant, caught in the Stampede park while we were there. It's a big crop of the original, and Moshe helped me with the processing, to get to this wonderful light. Thanks, bro *s*.


From the Stampede site: "Calgary Stampede pays homage to the mighty “draft horse” and the significant role it played in building Western Canada. Belgians, Clydesdales, Percherons, and Shires, guided by the skill of Teamsters, helped build roads, hauled the dirt and rock from building sites, pulled wagons, carriages and fire fighting equipment, and plowed the fields for planting crops.


Now in its third year, Draft Horse Town is an engaging venue that offers Stampede visitors a glimpse of living history, plenty of hands-on activity and exhibits, and an opportunity to experience the "gentle giants" in action.


Teamsters and exhibitors introduce you to their horses, and show you how they prepare their teams for work, shows and pulling competitions. See blacksmiths work their magic with hot steel right before your eyes while wheelwrights demonstrate their craft –making wheels for the wagons and carriages".


From Horses and horse information site: "The Clydesdale horse breed is best known for its size, over 18 hands, about six-feet and the feather above the hooves. This long hair covering their ankles makes this breed easily recognizable and it is thought the feather was developed during the first breedings with the Fleming and English Breeds. This feather, a thick mane and heavy coat helped the breed survive in the Scottish climate.


Intelligent eyes peer from the Clydesdale horse breed’s large head with small ears a deep chest and heavy bone structure in the shoulders. Growing to over 2,000 pounds and having a high wither; this large beast is also known for its grace. With a seemingly eager gait, this horse always presents a positive attitude as it raises it feet cleanly from the ground before continuing with a long stride".

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Taken on July 9, 2012