Horseshoe Bend

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    Horseshoe Bend, AZ, USA.

    May 13, 2005 * Taken by Joe

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    The Horseshoe Bend Overlook is located just a few miles south of Page, Arizona, very close to the border with Utah. It's a spectacular place, which can be reached after a short hike of 3/4 of a mile from US 89 to the rim of the bend. The wide, easy-to-follow trail leads up a low, sandy hill. It's not a long hike, but walking up loose sand can be very tiresome, and if it's a warm day (which it was in our case), one should carry enough water.

    As soon as we got to the overlook... we were greeted with colors: emerald-green river, orange cliffs and blue sky, not to mention the gorgeous colors of wildflowers along the trail. While peeking over the edge of the cliff, we saw the Colorado itself 1,100 feet down below, shimmering in the sunlight with its wonderful emerald-green color. The River makes a gigantic bend below the overlook, going first to the east, then back to the west, thus the name Horseshoe Bend.

    For Moshe and myself, it wasn't easy to peek over the edge. Both of us suffer from fear of heights, and get shaky knees while standing up looking to the abyss below. Joe had the time of his life taking photos, while I was imploring him to walk few steps back. At one point Moshe was willing to get close to the edge, only if Joe holds him from the back, and that's how he took photos of the river below.

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    1. !!WaynePhotoGuy 61 months ago | reply

      Wow.. incredible..

    2. Alejandro N. 59 months ago | reply

      so amazing!!!!! excelent framing!!

    3. BreakingWindPhotography 58 months ago | reply

      Congratulations! this is a Precious Emerald
      Receive 5 Emerald Awards to post to The Final Journey
      A Fingerprint in time:
      Nature Imagery

    4. Dean Taplin 58 months ago | reply

      Fantastic shot, a worthy entry in Explore :)

    5. Rekha Prasad 57 months ago | reply

      We also visted there in a summer noon, in the burning sun..
      It was really a tiresome walk without carrying water.
      See my photo
      Horse shoe bend..Page

    6. Richard Verroen 50 months ago | reply

      Beautiful capture!

    7. BreakingWindPhotography 50 months ago | reply

      "This is A Precious Emerald!"

      Receive 5 Emerald Awards to post to
      Nature Imagery: The Final Journey

    8. EveningDawn 48 months ago | reply

      Breathtaking.. thanks for sharing your hike and great angle..I miss visiting the southwest.

    9. 断弦的耳朵。 46 months ago | reply

      Just reminds me of the travel in the Changbai Mountain.


    10. Rachel Juggins 44 months ago | reply

      fabulous shot, the colours are fabulous.

    11. Graham Cashell (GC_Photography) 42 months ago | reply

      Would be awesome to get a chance to shoot that. You've cool detail in the shot, so sharp!

    12. Caz_25 34 months ago | reply

      tingles in my feet just looking at this...its awesome!

    13. Rajan Rai 34 months ago | reply

      Wonderful shot..

    14. Tulantepec 32 months ago | reply


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