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Close encounter of the third kind | by JoLoLog
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Close encounter of the third kind

The Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco, California, USA


September 29, 2010 • Taken by Joe

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It was a moonlit night in old Mexico. I walked alone between some old adobe haciendas ............................................................................................................................


No... Wait... that's not right. Let me start again ;-).


It was the first visit to San Francisco for Joe and me. We heard about the city, we saw it in movies, we saw photos of it, and we read about it. But nothing compares to seeing it with our own eyes, close and personal. We both fell in love with this part of the world, to the point we know we'll come back one day... soon..


Our first glimpse of the Golden Gate bridge got us very excited. After all, it was one of the wonders of the world, wasn't it? And then, we tried to come close to it from every possible angle for the photo opportunities.


On our 3rd day in the city we crossed the bridge on our way to Sausalito and Muir Woods, and on our way back, before we crossed it again, we drove up a hill (where we had a wonderful view point towards the bridge, the bay, the city and the ocean all together) and took lots of photos. The 2nd photo was taken then. Since we had other plans, we didn't stay long, but the next day we made it a point to go back there before sunset, and stay for a while.


So here we were the next day, back again in Sausalito, and we already saw the fog creeping into the bay from the ocean. We looked for a place to have dinner, and while we were done, we drove to the same hill as the day before. This hill is standing above the northern tower of the bridge, looking south.


When we reached the hill and went out of the car, we realized the seasons have changed dramatically. The wind was wicked, pushing and pulling from all directions. Luckily, we all bought some heavy coats early that morning, and we still had them with us in the trunk of the car. We packed ourselves into the coats, and hurried up the hill, since the sun was almost ready to set.


And then, getting up there and standing on the edge... it was like we (and everybody else who were there) were transformed into a parallel universe. A giant fog entity was crawling into the bay from the ocean, already covering the bottom of the bridge. The light of the setting sun colored everything in strange hues. In a close distance, a deafening sound of the fog horn was spreading through the fog and skies, being answered by the ships which were ready to leave the bay into the ocean. The wind was moaning and bawling. When we looked away from the bridge to the hills behind us, we saw few arms of the fog climbing, gliding and sliding over them. It was a very surreal experience... for sure it was an encounter of the 3rd kind.

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Taken on September 29, 2010