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    Somewhere on highway 564 going east, Alberta, Canada

    May 17, 2009 • Taken by Lorien

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    Today we went to accompany Joe's uncle on his last journey. While sitting in the funeral home at the service hall, the minister talked about how we can only be sure of today, how we should live today as our last, how we live uncertain lives and how the only sure thing for us is to trust god and accept him into our hearts.

    Now... Joe's family members are religious people, but Joe and I are not. Nevertheless, and for very different reasons, we decided years ago that we'll live each of our todays as if it was our last, and do our best to have few minutes of joy and love each day.

    So sitting here, trying to choose a photo to post today, I was going back and forth between few photos, and couldn't decide which one I wanted to show you today. Joe suggested this one, and then it hit me...

    The roads we choose to take in our lives (may they be internal or external) are mostly long and exhausting, partly hidden beyond the horizon, sometimes painful and other times joyful. When we take our first step we don't really know if the road will eventually take us to where we want to be, or if we ever get there.

    While planning for the future is something most of us take as a given, as the wise way to go, maybe we should choose our road every day, as if it was the last. It might lead us to a wonderful new place, it might lead us to a new friend (or an old one), it might lead us back to the company of those we miss, it might open our hearts... it just might be a good choice of a road because it's an enjoyable one to take, even if it takes us nowhere.

    So this one's for you, uncle Jack. You were blessed in your life, and you'll be missed by many. May the road you are on now leads you to wherever you hoped it will.

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    1. e-costa 60 months ago | reply

      I saw you in 5+ awards thread. Nice colors Beauty and simplicity. Is perfect...

      Your Image Truly Is:

      Better Than Good
      Commented with SOS!

    2. Alive in Calgary 60 months ago | reply

      Very nice indeed

    3. mplonsky 60 months ago | reply

      YOU ARE A 10+ WINNER
      Definitely a Winner!!!
      Seen in Best of My Winners

    4. DaraDPhotography 59 months ago | reply

      YOU ARE A 10+ WINNER
      Definitely a Winner!!!
      Seen in Best of My Winners

    5. dd marie 59 months ago | reply

      Awesome shot Lorien, luv the perspective and how the yellow line disappears! Thanks for the visit and comment!

      Excellent shot!! Lorien not only is you eye perfect, so are your words!!

    6. Domenico Nolfi 59 months ago | reply

      You are receiving a LANDSCAPES DREAMS invitation
      Please ADD your photo to the galery of de group:

    7. ghazale.jalilian 50 months ago | reply

      beautiful color ,nice shot

    8. refreshment_66 48 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Down the Road, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    9. Traps90 42 months ago | reply

      This has got to be one of the best shots showing infinity I've ever seen, I'm really luvin this shot, fantastic.

    10. G e o r g e . M a y s o n 39 months ago | reply

      Brilliant, you dont get roads like that in Scotland!

    11. Sherlock77 (James) 31 months ago | reply

      Now you really did it... Made the Flickr blog... :-) Someone must like it... LOL

    12. 梵树 31 months ago | reply

      i love road photo!

    13. dunscaith 31 months ago | reply

      A very beautiful story and a very beautiful photo - both are so simple and yet powerful and that is exactly the reason why they are to be remembered. Thank you for sharing!

    14. Jesper Bülow 31 months ago | reply

      Very nice shot!

    15. mishainmadrid 30 months ago | reply

      A beautiful shot, enhanced by lovely writing.

    16. stephenisabellemaggie 15 months ago | reply

      Makes this prairie boy homesick...

    17. *kev* 14 months ago | reply

      i really like this kind of pictures...

    18. fotoa.pino 13 months ago | reply

      (Thanks for your appreciation!)

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