free grand slam breakfast from dennys

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so dennys is doing this promotion where people can come in for a free grand slam breakfast from 6am - 2pm. i didn't think i was going to do this but i woke up real early so what the heck? i got there exactly at 6am and it was already busy with maybe 20 plus people waiting in line. thankfully i was alone and i managed to grab a seat at the counter with practically no waiting time. i heard from the waiters that they only had two cooks and more were coming later at 7am. naturally it did take longer than normal to get my order taken and for my food to arrive and even longer for my bill to get to me. i didn't mind as i don't have anywhere to go today. bear in mind this is all going on between 6am and 6.45am.

so why does dennys do this? well according to an article on msn:

- 1,560 restaurants participating in this promotion
- an estimated 2 million people expected to partake in this promotion
- value of grand slam breakfast is $5.99
- with those numbers, this promotion has a face value of $15,457,075
- cost to prepare food is maybe 25% or 30% of the actual cost which translates to dennys spending $4,637,122.
- food is free, but drinks aren't. with an average of $1.70 spent per person drinks, you're looking around at around $4,250,000 in drink revenue.
- that basically means that they will end up spending around $400,000 for this entire promotion. the free press that comes with all this makes this all worth it.


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  1. herobyday 63 months ago | reply

    i had bagels. you win

  2. |fishlamp| 63 months ago | reply

    I can't believe you went, and have this posted already. Now that's quick!

  3. Joits 63 months ago | reply

    ... haha, maybe. bet you didn't have to wait too long tho.

    ... must have been all that coffee i had.

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  4. esthereggy 63 months ago | reply

    That's cool that you got the free breakfast. I didn't want to get up early or wait in line.

  5. Joits 63 months ago | reply

    ... i didn't think i would do it either... but i guess i did. it was sort of worth it.

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  6. Mike Cohn 63 months ago | reply

    I think we should all chip in and take Orbitgal to breakfast.... DENNY'S

  7. disneymike 63 months ago | reply

    I'm craving a Grand Slam right now! LOL

  8. pointnshoot 63 months ago | reply

    I am hungry now and your photo does not help. It looks good. Yum.

  9. dsrphotography 63 months ago | reply

    Looks good, but I know it doesn't taste good !

  10. AppleGuy 63 months ago | reply

    This looks sooooo good right now. Just played 1.5 hours of tennis.

  11. megzzzzz 63 months ago | reply

    go back and get me one too yeah?

  12. PortugePunk 63 months ago | reply

    i wanna go,b ut i'm scared how long the line will be here in hollywood.

  13. Brian and Missy 63 months ago | reply

    We thought about going, but did not want to deal with the crowds.

  14. disneymike 63 months ago | reply

    I just got back from Denny's and having my free Grand Slam, thanks to you! ;)

  15. joezero5 63 months ago | reply

    Are those mini pancakes?

  16. victoriabernal 63 months ago | reply

    this is great Joits (picture and words). How long did you have to wait?

  17. Joits 63 months ago | reply

    ... haha, she would never talk to me again!

    ... man, dennys oughta give me some coupons for getting you over to them!

    ... sorry man!

    ... maybe not to you, but to me... bacon is bacon, and the rest of these food items are relatively easy to cook that it tastes the same no matter who makes it.

    ... oh yeah, after a work out like that i definitely get hungry too!

    ... sure, come over and pick it up! i've had it sitting out in the sun all day for you!

    ... it will probably be crazy there, most likely not worth it.

    ... good call! really not worth it if you have to wait more than 20 mins i think.

    ... looks like it. its not the normal size you get when you pay for this meal.

    ... thanks. i waited maybe 2 mins because i was by myself and managed to get a counter seat.

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  18. jazn 63 months ago | reply

    Ren told me that his receipt ended up saying 4 waters 4 grand slam and a bunch of $0.00s

    He didn't know how much to tip since 15% of zero

  19. Joits 63 months ago | reply

    jazn ... haha, that's funny man. i ordered hot tea which was like $1.50 or something and then i tipped the poor waitress another $2 since it was really busy!

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  20. James Cridland 57 months ago | reply

    Mmm, breakfast. I've used this in a blog post which will appear here tomorrow morning, UK time. Thanks for posting it creative commons.

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