Dragonfly wings

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    1. Th@fred 83 months ago | reply

      wow look at all the detail! nature is the master engineer :-)

    2. soniki 83 months ago | reply

      It is amazing, how much knowledge in the very litlle things of nature...

    3. GustavoG 83 months ago | reply

      Care to describe what emerges from what? :)

    4. Joi 83 months ago | reply

      I really think that the structure of the wings and the shape of the wings emerging from natural evolution is rather amazing - the order in disorder. I would challenge an engineer to come up with such an elegant design. Unless it was the flying spaghetti monster I suppose. ;-)

    5. ♥ Moa Maria 83 months ago | reply

      Amazing shot! (Really scary, but still amazing :)

    6. Darko Hristov 83 months ago | reply

      wow, amazing structure
      great capture

    7. morph33 83 months ago | reply

      Engineers are quite good at copying - the rib and membrane design illustrated in the dragonfly's wing is quite common in the aeronatical industry (but nowadays the ribs tend to be integrally formed using ultra high strain plastic deformation on prepared diffusion bonded laminar plates).

      It has long been the desire of many engineers/material scientists to produce a strain responsive material (metal, polymer, composite etc.) that responds 'biologically' in adapting to its loading (Nature does this so well).

      Best we have so far, apart from actual bio-structures (which are ultra-efficiently adapted to their environments) are genetic algorithms which can design (really, they mathematically evolve) relatively simple efficient shapes co-adapted to their loading/ecology.

    8. ricky39 82 months ago | reply

      good shot.

    9. Claudia Rocchini 82 months ago | reply

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    10. Pix L's 81 months ago | reply

      Like little stained-glass windows :o)

    11. Andy at Devon Photography 81 months ago | reply

      That's just stunning, I love it.

    12. **Camilla** 79 months ago | reply

      Lovely and functional.

    13. ComputerHotline 69 months ago | reply

      Thanks for licensing this image as CC "by" !
      Your photo is uploaded here :
      under the terms of the Creative Commons "by" license.

      Found in a search. (?)

    14. Tree Joi 63 months ago | reply

      Hi Joichi, The detail of the wing venation is awesome here, as is the brilliant composition. As an amateur insect buff, I think it is worth mentioning that the dark black veins emerging from the thorax were once like open tubes, pumping hemolymph (blood) to give the wings shape when the dragonfly nymph first emerged from its aquatic body to take on its new airborne adult form. Once the adult wings unfold from the nymph wing buds, their shape is maintained by letting those veins dry out and the hemolymph stops pumping. Morph33 would like this stuff in his biomimetics musings 19 months before this.

    15. Joi 62 months ago | reply

      That's very interesting!

    16. Matthew-1 44 months ago | reply

      Nice capture. I love the random cellular design of the wings.

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