Sacramento Movie Advertisment Oct 1989

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    Of the six theaters listed here, as of 2007 there are only two, the Century and the Sacramento 6, that are still operating. The Cinedome has been replaced by a new theater, the Capitol was razed, the State is being used as a mosque, and all that is left of the 49er is a graffiti tagged marquee.

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    1. Tom Spaulding 97 months ago | reply

      Actually, the Sacramento Drive-In is still in business. I know there was an article in the Bee at the end of the 2005 season saying it would not reopen for 2006, but it did. I drive by it on my commute. Since Reno 911: Miami is playing there now, maybe I will go to it for the first time.

    2. johntodd 97 months ago | reply

      Still open? Wow... Well, good job to whomever owns it now. Hopefully they aren't letting it rot until they can level the place. I really think with a good 50's style refurb, and the right marketing scheme, drive-ins can be viable again. Families need something to do together.

      I'll have to get out there for a movie and pictures. ;)

    3. 1315 Images 97 months ago | reply

      I remember spending many hot summer evenings at the Sac Drive In on Bradshaw. I am glad to hear it is still open.

      Sad to hear about the Cinedomes being replaced.....those were the perfect bland 80s design movie theatre. It was also the first place I snuck into a movie in high school.

    4. johntodd 97 months ago | reply

      It's not a huge loss, obviously. I lament it's loss only because of my own nostalgia. I saw Top Gun there 3 days straight. took my wife to see Romancing the Stone and Say anything there, before she was my wife. It's those things that give a building history.

    5. csampang 96 months ago | reply

      I know Century sold off the Sacramento 6 so that may actually bode well for its future (they had planned to build a multiplex there for years).

    6. csampang 95 months ago | reply

      I just drove by the Sacramento 6 on the way home from Placerville Speedway, and actually could see some movie playing while on US 50!

      It's operated by a company called "West Wind" which seems to be a spinoff from Century/Cinemark; they just reopened one in Concord (they already operated one in San Jose):

      Here's their website:

    7. johntodd 95 months ago | reply

      Hope springs eternal, it would seem.

    8. Tom Spaulding 95 months ago | reply

      I've seen the flea market going on at the Solano Drive In in Concord from CA 4. I hope to visit it some time.

    9. csampang 95 months ago | reply

      One thing I've read about the Sacramento 6 in years past that its restrooms weren't particularly nice, hopefully the new ownership can fix that up. I still need to go down there and see a movie (but first I have to find a movie I want to watch!)...

    10. csampang 94 months ago | reply

      Bad news: Redevelopment is back on for the Sacramento 6 site apparently:

      I guess this is even more incentive to go out there while it's still open.

    11. kathrynlward 78 months ago | reply

      The ole' 49er drive in brings back lots of high school memories.

    12. bigredpaul 50 months ago | reply

      Syufy Enterprises, which founded and owned the Century Chain, as well as a number of Drive-In theaters, sold to Cinemark in 2005, but retained ownership in the Drive-Ins and Century 21 in San Jose. They operate the Drive Ins under the name West Wind, and the Century 21 under the name Winchester Theater, as it is next to the WInchester Mystery House.

      As of 2011, Syufy still operates the theaters.

    13. csampang 50 months ago | reply

      And amazingly, the Sacramento 6 was still open as of a few months ago...haven't driven there by recently but I'd assume that remains the case.

    14. sacotakuatriteaid 43 months ago | reply

      The former Capitol and some adjacent buildings were demolished for the current Raleys at 3518 Marconi...

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