7. World War II Philippines
I own many of these old photos. I post them here with as much detail I can get out of the photographs for anyone but most especially for the rightly proud and gracious people of the Philippines. (all I ask is if used on an Internet site then please give me credit for owning these pictures and for posting them here on my Flickr site) So they can remember the beautiful glory days after the turn of the century when Manila was known as the Pearl of the Orient. Also the very sad days after Japan invaded in 1941 and in 1945 as the Philippines was retaken by the USA. I am a citizen of the USA and have been living with my Filipina wife in Metro Manila as a guest of this wonderful country for the past 4 years. I feel both proud and ashamed at what my country has done here.

80 percent of Manila was totally destroyed by the fighting between the Japanese and Americans in WWII. The Japanese committed many awful atrocities against the Filipinos during the 3 years they held the country. Towards the end as the Americans approached Manila the Japanese intentionally killed many innocent Filipinos including bonneting babies being held in their mother’s arms killing both mother and child. The Americans carpet shelled the city without regard to the citizens that were being killed or the destruction of Manila. More than 100,000 innocent Filipino men, women, and children were killed in the last days of the war, Feb. 1945. Let us not forget the evils of war and let us strive to never let it happen again.
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