Folk Music & Musicians, 1960s
John Rudoff, M. D. says:
I lived near Philadelphia from about age 12--20, leaving the area only to go to Syracuse University. About 1961 or 1962, about age 15 or so, I began to listen to folk music, which was far more congenial to me than mainstream radio music. There were a few coffeehouses in the area--the Gilded Cage, the Second Fret, and The Main Point. I also saw an occasional concert in the area, including a stunning concert by the young Joan Baez who was joined onstage by an unknown named Bob Dylan.
I worked regularly at The Main Point in Bryn Mawr, PA, shooting both the local, amateur, and touring professional performers for several years.
I had a press pass for the Philadelphia Folk Festival, and published a few photos in the local newspaper. I went to Newport for 3 years in a row, and went also to the Jazz Festival once. I was by that time quite devoted to photography, and was starting a photojournalism program at Syracuse University.
The Newport Festivals were magic. I think I camped in the back seat of a friend's ancient Chrysler, and photographed from a few feet away artists I idolized. I stood and worked next to Dave Gahr and Jim Marshall, two of the preeminent photographers in the history of American folk music.

The music stays with me to this moment.
Those times were some of the happiest in my life, and I was happy in my art and craft of photography before the political nightmare of the mid- and late-sixties ground the world to pieces.

Some of the people for whom I have the highest respect are those who 'kept the faith', who stuck by their art and their skill, decade after decade. People like John Koerner, Bob Dylan, Jim Marshall, Tom Paxton, Tony Trischka ... these were men with real backbones, real spirit. Their contributions will endure and I admire them.

My humble photography, offered here, is a small offering to this enduring community.
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