I Reserve the Right to Pronounce it Any Way I Want

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    As always, you can view these the roundabout way by looking here. Sometimes, there's additional commentary! But really, you'll just end up back here.

    1. RobertSyrett ages ago | reply

      I'm digging the brown textures!

    2. CitrusFreak ages ago | reply

      Haha, smartass. :P

      I like the brown-ness, once again.

    3. Ape Lad ages ago | reply

      Ich bein ayn rand. That's how I remember. Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go read that thread.
      btw did you hear the metafilter guy on the boingboing podcast?

    4. johnralston ages ago | reply

      Yeah, I heard a little of it, but something at the very beginning really annoyed me, so I didn't listen to the whole thing.

    5. Jack Custer ages ago | reply

      Why would you give that big business call girl the respect of pronouncing her name correctly?

    6. johnralston ages ago | reply

      I don't! I consistently call her "Ann Rand". Not to do so would violate my sense of self-importance.

    7. mathowie ages ago | reply

      I thought her name was Ann Rynd for the first 30 years of my life before I realized I had it backwards in my head.

    8. theharveygirls ages ago | reply

      That's so you, dude.

      (I love the brown, too. It makes the domestic moments more intimate somehow.)

    9. minicloud ages ago | reply

      hee hee! its fun to see couples needling eachother.

      i sent some comics your way - should be at your door in days!

    10. johnralston ages ago | reply

      Hooray! I'll send something back your way probably Thursday.

    11. Jesus H. Shatner ages ago | reply

      My AP English teacher sidestepped the whole debate by referring to her simply as "Rand".

      Hey, mathowie, did you hear that metafilter dude on boing boing?

    12. Ape Lad ages ago | reply

      I suspect he did hear it.
      My wife worked for a company that was very much based on Rand's philosophies. Their company newspaper was even called the "Galt Global Review."

    13. RobertSyrett ages ago | reply

      please explain the meat filter.


    14. RobertSyrett ages ago | reply

      ha ha, I mean meta filter

    15. amberglow ages ago | reply

      how do you pronounce it anyway? ain? ayynn? aye-n?

    16. mefi_mlis ages ago | reply

      Sybil is pronouncing it the way Objectivists pronounce it: Ayn rhymes with mine.

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