Keep A Child Alive - First in line for an iPhone at Apple Store Soho

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    This morning we started lining up for the iPhone - we are first in line at the Soho Store! We're doing it with our friends at Keep A Child Alive an amazing organization that provides drugs for kids in Africa.

    Here's the press release.

    Keep A Child Alive is an organization that gets anti-retroviral treatment to children infected with AIDS in Africa.

    Ambassadors include: Alicia Keys, Iman, Liv Tyler and Jessica Alba, among others.

    As the highly anticipated iPhone launch approaches, so does the promise of improved communications and connectivity with people around the world. Connectivity is not limited to technology; rather, it’s a fundamental fact that we are “one.”

    Supporters of Keep A Child Alive are taking advantage of this opportunity to raise awareness and money. For as little as $1 a day, we can keep a child alive by providing the much needed ARV drugs for those who would otherwise die from AIDS.

    Representatives of Keep A Child Alive are first online at Apple’s SoHo store in order to purchase the first iPhone. The coveted device will be auctioned off on eBay by auctionwire and hand delivered to the highest bidder by a Keep A Child Alive ambassador. 100% of the proceeds go to the organization.

    Please visit the site and donate

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    1. ✁☄ KAIRUUINZURO ✁☄ ages ago | reply

      i'm glad the first person in line here isn't some rich kid with no life, as i had guessed it would be .cheers!

    2. RYAN TOMORROW ages ago | reply

      uh, not to be a Debbie Downer, but CAN you sell an iPhone on eBay? What about the activation?

    3. ewar woowar ages ago | reply

      Fantastic idea Johnny. This makes me ever so happy.

    4. jackcheng ages ago | reply

      @Ryan - you activate it from home, so you can absolutely sell it on ebay!

      Awesome idea Johnny :)

      Apple Store Soho iPhone Line

    5. imjrh ages ago | reply

      thats awesome man. it really is.

    6. message T ages ago | reply

      it's awesome Johnny : )

    7. c124 ages ago | reply

      "For as little as $1 a day, we can keep a child alive by providing the much needed ARV drugs for those who would otherwise die from AIDS."

      Gee, that's nice, but that's on top of the costs of food, housing, and education? When so many healthy African children lack those things, it seems like using the money most effectively would involve a little triage. Sorry for the downer, but I just hate to think that keeping a child on "lifesupport" with ARV drugs might cost the same as food and education for two or three African children. Or, the cost of stopping a several transmissions of HIV using education and condoms in the first place would be a lot less than $365 (which is the cost of lengthening one life for a single year with ARVs). An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. No doubt I'll be attacked for suggesting that the money should be used most efficiently for saving lives.

    8. chiejersey ages ago | reply

      awesome man!

    9. knowing egg [deleted] ages ago | reply


    10. solosmom ages ago | reply


    11. dontaskme ages ago | reply

      great idea Mr Vulkan

    12. Flo Heiss ages ago | reply

      Good work!

    13. seguraa ages ago | reply

      thats a good way to stay in the line.
      i believe that people rushing, and waiting 50 hours just to get a cellphone shows how our world is now, people want to HAVE, and not to be something good.
      So, i admire your work, that was a good iniciative.
      cheers from brazil.

    14. aellemusic ages ago | reply

      Nice idea! Hope someone will do a great offer!

    15. dom84ts ages ago | reply

      REALLY A GOOD IDEA!!! do the same when the iPhone will come in Europe!!!

    16. ifranz ages ago | reply

      I used you pic for a blog entry about the iPhone hype. I hope you don´t mind. Good luck for getting an iPhone ...

    17. jakeandjasper ages ago | reply

      Brilliant Mr. Vulkan! Really top drawer! Licks and Kisses...Jake and Jasper

    18. alive hands [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called iPhone, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    19. eyewashdesign: A. Golden 114 months ago | reply

      Hi Johnny,

      Stumbled across this image today when working on a blog post for an iPhone / AT&T strangle-hold FreePress story. Hope you don't mind my using it? I've credited / linked back to you / the image on flickr.

      You can view it on the counterspiNYC blog here:

      I look forward to following your work & am glad to have found you!

      (fellow NY'er)

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