Clean Air Act Awareness
A Red Carriage Sits Alone.

Sounds of a small child coughing and wheezing emanate from the carriage. The sounds of an asthmatic child are so frightening, they are difficult to ignore. Yet, there are some in Congress who are doing exactly that by attempting to weaken the Clean Air Act.

We are counting on you to fight for our children.

American Lung Association in Pennsylvania

By regulating toxics from major pollution sources, the Clear Air Act protects all Americans from the serious health effects associated with breathing air pollution, including our vulnerable children, especially those with asthma.

That is from a post card that volunteers and members of the ACLU were having people in Oakland around the Pitt campus fill out to send to the PA representative in Congress. I spent my day with these folks photographing a conference that happened at the Pitt campus and then went out to photograph the team in action.
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