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Rowan & the Banana

Wait a minute. This kind of thing makes me crazy.

For some reason this photo got about 150 hits from outside of flickr, and I can't

figure out who posted it. And where.

I'm not going to be upset, but I'd love to know who sent me almost 200 hits in one day.

My stats say "unknown source", which is pretty screwed up. I mean, it's screwed up

that I pay for the flickr "Pro" membership, and it's supposed to tell me things like that,

yet it can't do it.

So, if you came here from somewhere outside of flickr, be nice enough to tell me where!

I need to thank someone. Or I need to know where my photographs are being hosted

secretly. Thanks in advance, one nice person who will end up giving me the info.

----------Johnny, July 07 2010


I'm not really sure that I even remember why this photo happened.


We worked together.


I always had to show her how to properly eat foods. She was easily confused. I took advantage of her disease and snapped humorous photographs.


This was taken in the beautiful tropical climate of Baltimore, Maryland, USA.


P.S. It is now the day before Valentine's Day, 2010. I just wanted to check in because I'm feeling romantic, and this is probably the most romantic photo in my "stream." What I really wanted to say is that it's nice to have "popular" flickr friends who have "favorited" this photo because it gets a lot of "hits" that way. I'm in a rush or I'd make a Thank You list right here.

(AKNacer, TetheredTo... there, I started it)

The definite leader for referrals (meaning she'd be making HUGE commissions if this were something that made money) is lovely talented buddypal Juicy Carolina.

Yesterday I had 11 people view this photo merely because she has it on her favorite's list. That's insane. Eleven would be a good day for most anyone's photo as a grand total. But eleven referrals? That's nuts.

I think it's because she's a photographer, a model (with lots o' fans) and has a Favorites list that's contained on one page. Therefore, you see this photo almost everytime you visit her flickr page! Mother of God.


Love ya, mean it.




491 faves
Taken on May 3, 2010