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Leica M6 TTL .85 | Voigtlander Heliar 75mm 2.5 or Nokton 50mm 1.5 Aspherical | Kodak Ektar 100 | Processing and scanning by Ritz Camera | mild editing in Adobe Photoshop 7 for Mac


Available Light 35mm Photojournalism by Johnny Martyr




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  • Johnny Martyr 4y

    thanks! detailed feedback is always appreciated!
  • rushfan2112 (Late Developer) PHOTOS DELETED 4y

    Beautiful shot. I've suggested a crop to square(ish) as, for me, there's a bit too much dead space to the right hand side - when all the interest in in the eyes, skin tones, face. Really nice piece of work and great model.
  • Johnny Martyr 4y

    thanks for the suggestion rushfan. i really try not to crop my photos, at least to different aspect ratios, as i think that part of documentary photography is what camera/film/settings one chooses to use at the moment of exposure. if the image is to be used in a situation such as a magazine, i'm okay with cropping to fit the context of the image but here on flickr, i usually go full frame for the reasons mentioned above. i like your suggestion though and will likely crop for prints.
  • bapercival 4y

    That Leica M6/Ektar 100 is a winning combination for sure. And Stephanie amazes me with her almost chameleon-like ability to go from smoky and sultry to utterly innocent.

    In a word: Wow.
  • Johnny Martyr 4y

    thanks for the favourites! the m6, or any leica, is a good body for keeping film perfectly flat and therefore sharp and with little to no fall-out, nice for getting all the sharpness out of a slow film possible. i tend not to take advantage of ektar as much as i should because i feel that it's not a very flexible film. it really needs to be shot in subdued light to really hit its greatest color saturation which is an odd thing for a 100 speed. but i do need to burn more, huh?

    Steph's an awesome model, she does some acting so she really understands how to take direction and create moods.
  • Gwenael Piaser 4y

    superb colors !
  • Photo--Graphy 4y

    This is excellent

  • Michelle Buck Photography 4y

    Had to come back & take another look at this one. Absolutely gorgeous portrait.
  • Michelle Buck Photography 4y

    Totally disagree with the crops suggestion, btw... and I can't leave a note about how stunning her eye color looks in this shot because the crop suggestion note is in the way! Harumph. Of course a photographer would have a girlfriend with eyes like that!
  • Johnny Martyr 4y

    i think the crop or full frame works in different contexts. i can see the logic for the crop and my girlfriend likes it because she prefers to look thinner of course! she cropped it like this for her FB profile photo before the square was even suggested here. but i'm glad to have some support that it works as a full frame also since i don't like to do things as an afterthought. a large part of the reason her eyes pop so dramatically here is the film. it's designed to oversaturate primary colours. combined with the softer performance of the voigtlander lens wide open, the light hitting directly in her eyes and of course their natural beauty i feel it looks almost more like a painting than a realistic photograph.

    you have pretty great eyes too michelle, just gotta get the light in them right.
  • Michelle Buck Photography 4y

    Johnny Martyr Thank you, my dear. Funny that you mention my eyes, since that's exactly what I've been trying to get the right shot of for my 365 pic today.

    On the crop, I just think the square-ish crop centers the subject (her gorgeious eyes) too much. I like the perspective tha the pillow in the foreground adds, too.
  • Johnny Martyr 4y

    I agree, I like to use out of focus items in the foreground to pull the viewer into the focused area, which, I think is what is going on here. Negative space can certainly serve a purpose and isn't always gratuitous. But I accept that different images work differently in different contexts. For profile photos or magazine layouts, the square works better because page space is a premium and getting to the point of things is important in these media. However, in a gallery, I would certainly leave the image full frame.
  • Toni.Wang73 4y

    very nice
  • Johnny Martyr 4y

    Thank you!
  • <---> 3y

    Just gorgeous. No that her eyes need any help, but the light (and everything else) is working perfectly with her eyes here.
  • Johnny Martyr 3y

    Thank you jph! I was fortunate for things to come together as they did, right film, right light, right subject!
  • <---> 3y

    Johnny Martyr I love it when that happens and I know how that works, but you still had to see it all to make the photo. Well done.
  • Johnny Martyr 3y

    There are some forms of exceedingly well-controled photography but I prefer mixing deliberation, inspiration and serendipity!
  • Christiana 3y

    lovely and I actually like seeing the navy pillow in this shot, beautiful eyes
  • Johnny Martyr 2y

    Thanks everyone!

    Just wanted to share the current feature of this image and other samples of my work on ...and Be There, please check it out!

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