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The Summer of 1941

Odd how months ago I had virtually no weddings or shoots booked for July or August and at one point I was worried that I might be bored or perhaps without paid shoots. Now I look back with July done and August almost done and it’s been cRaZy. July & August will tally 24 shoots (5 weddings), and another handful of meetings. I sometimes almost fear having an empty calendar, but then get reminded that having some time to relax, unwind, work on projects around the house and decompress is a very good thing. Also gives my right hand/wrist time to heal from all the click click click edit edit edit it has to do.


I remember back to being a teenager in the Summer, and the HOURS of boredom I endured. Sitting on the couch in the middle of the day. Flippin channels. Taking naps. Maybe eat some Cheez-Its. Nap. Play the Nintendo. No internet. No car. Waiting for a friend to call with something fun & free to do. Nope. Pick my toenails. Find where the cat is sleeping. Nap. Cheez-Its.


Now, if I find myself sitting down with nothing to do, I start to panic. “Where’s my To Do list…”

Odd how adulthood changes everything.

Then again, I know some adults like that… nothing to do. Bored.


I don’t miss those days.


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Taken on March 31, 2012