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Old Verona

The oldest building in the city where we live dates back to a historic 1930s church.. It’s probably the most photographed building in our town because of how ANCIENT it is, at least for us here in the Los Angeles suburbs. So going to a place like Verona, Italy, we were amazed by the buildings dating back to the 500s and much earlier. Their main Arena dates back to 30AD, which we walked through.


Walking through the city after seeing the famous balcony that Juliet appeared before Romeo inspired in the Shakesphere classic , we found this little alley with buildings dating back to the 1200s (according to a placard). Being in Germany, France and Switzerland in the days preceding Italy, we did notice a change in architecture. Love the pastels and the iron and the detail they put into their buildings, and they last hundreds and hundreds of years!


I live in a house that’s 52yo and its boring stucco architecture is already falling apart. It’s already had new windows and a roof and I need new plumbing and it’s in constant need of upkeep. Says something for the build quality now verses centuries before.


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Taken on April 28, 2012