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I Won't Wine About France

Leaving Heidelberg mid-day, we crossed the Rhine river and the border into France where we were stopped at the border by armed guards, harshly interrogated, and had our passport stamped only after we pleaded not to make fun of the men wearing berets and scarfs easily and wandered onto what is known as the Route du Vin, “The Wine Road”. It’s about 70 miles going through the best of France’s wine region, flanked by cute towns and miles of hilly roads all lined with vine.


I awoke pre-dawn (again) and ventured out into the vineyards and towns near our hotel in Colmar. Albeit being private property, there were no signs of fences keeping anyone out, so being a dumb American, I continued on the dirt roads above the scenic towns until I found a vantage point that took advantage of the vineyards, a scenic town with steeple centerpiece, the mountains of the German Black Forest and the sunrise.


Not HDR. A single shot using my Lee .9 GND, a tripod and Lightroom to do the RAW processing. CS5 was also used to do some enhancement.


To anyone looking for something fun and romantic, I would highly recommend a tour of the Route du Vin during the harvest time in September or October. By the way, this kicks the pants off of anything in Napa/Sonoma.


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Taken on April 25, 2012