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Happy Pi Day!

This week and next at work we’re doing training. Myself and a few other engineers are doing some technical training all day which means 90% of the time I’m away from my desk, which means away from the Flick. Sorry. So I’m going to post-and-run and hope this sunset brings smiles to you.


We’re expecting some BIG rain this weekend and then hopefully a few weeks later we’ll see the result of that in the form of wildflowers! So the weekend of April 13-16th we’ll be wildflower-huntin in the Carrizo Plain and Kern County. Probably get a campsite, or camp in the open space near the foothills (which is legal) and just rough it. Hopefully the flowers will be out. If not… head to the coast and find some barns.


More info on the trip on the Southern California Wildflower Hunters group here on the Flick. Look forward to seeing some of you out there in the middle of nowhere, looking for flowers.


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Taken on March 4, 2012