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dodge, duck, DIP, dive and… dodge.

I think that iPhones and cell phone cameras are ruining photography. Well maybe not photography, but memories. I travel to places and just about everywhere I go I see people using cell phone cameras to document their memories. Now I agree that a cell phone camera is great when you see a celeb walking down the street, or want to take a photo of something at Best Buy to compare it with the same item somewhere else… but to document your family going to the Grand Canyon, your kid’s school play, or something special?? They’re replacing even point & shoot cameras, which at least have some manual control.


I understand that 90% of the time, those photos are only used to post on Facebook and don’t need them to be larger than that, but at the same time, maybe Facebook will go away, and maybe you would like to have them printed out somewhere eventually.


It’s not practical to lug around a dSLR camera with you everywhere you go, but at the same time a 2 or 4mp camera with no other features is good enough to document your trip to Rome, even if you can add some special effects with your iPhone apps.


Wow, I just sounded like a bitter old man. I better get a cane and start chasing around some children.


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Taken on April 2, 2011