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Real Friendship



As 2009 comes to a close, I wanted to look back and see who took the time out of their busy schedules to meet up and do some photography with. As it turns out, 2009 was a big year on meet-ups and creating new friendships. Here’s a list of those I’ve met personally in the past year (or perhaps 16mo)


Eileen (shot her wedding in Ojai)

Jeff - flamboyant cycling nerd

Cameron - brother in law and brother in Christ

Mike - my father in law and spiritual mentor and so much more

John - soon to be personal CPA

Geoff - work buddy and former roommate in Philly

Ted - local landscape photographer extraordinaire

Steve - professional landscape photographer

Mike - he shoot Sony… which is almost like being Canadian

Hector - generosity flows from this guy

Kevin - professional minimalist

Steve - Nikon carney landscape portrait artist

Jeff - Can shoot anything

Michael - certainly an up and comer

Jill None of her stuff is Junk

Tracie - So much more than just a photographer

Doug - NO one went out of their way more to become a friend.

Corrie - huge supporter of her husband Doug

Wendell - Creator of Wink’s Place, and will show up at a moments notice to shoot

Brian - His stories are almost as good as his photos; and I still owe him a beer

Kristen - former 805’r, now living in the Midwest somewhere, I dunno

Mary - Her husband will eventually arrest me for speeding

Keith a dedicated family man who will someday own his own media agency

Nicole - nicest person you'll ever meet whose puppers I will steal someday

Amy - was nice enough to meet me and the boys at the park and take our picture

Tammy - a fighter and amazing photographer

Geoff - former student now traveling the world

Bobby - grew up across the street from me, and never knew it

Chris - very cool local guy who offered to let me use his truck to visit the Racetrack

Petra - wife of Chris who has an odd affection for trolls. Haha

Ben shot his headshots and all around good guy

Ted - co-worker and very passionate about landscape and wildlife photography

Marianne - co-worker and fellow nature lover


And there are MANY more who I’ve chatted with, asked questions, mentored, got location advice, or just talked shop with and I want you to know that I appreciate your friendship very much. I hope in 2010 if I’m able to help any of you out in any way it would be my privilege.


I’m going to be at Leo Carrillo State Beach this Sunday at about 3:30pm. Sunset is at 5pm and low tide will be at 4:43 so there will be some great sunset photo opportunities (as long as we get some clouds). If you’re in the area, want to meet up, shoot, etc, that’s where I’ll be. I look forward to meeting all you other cameraheads out there, or if not sometime in the new year.


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Taken on October 9, 2009