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16 random things


To start off with, I really don’t like talking about myself, because I feel that I post photos on here to showcase my passion behind the camera, not to talk about myself, good, bad or indifferent. But since I was tagged by several different people, I guess I’ll open up a little bit.


1. I probably started drinking coffee around 12 or so. I remember going to Roaring Camp (gold mining camp) and having it in the mornings while my mom was still alive. LOTS of sugar, and nothing else). I still drink 4 cups a day. I went cold turkey once and was dope sick for days. I was also addicted to chap stick for 8 years.


2. I actually am a 2nd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, which I started at age 11 when my brother joined and our parents thought it would be fun to do together. Chuck Norris was our head instructor at the time, which I only met once.


3. My mom died from smoking when I was 13. Sorry to all you smokers out there, but I absolutely despise it.


4. Every year, just before my birthday, I do a physical routine to make sure I’m not getting old. This includes: doing a backflip off a tall swing, running a mile, a “cherry drop” from the monkey bars, pushups/situps and random balancing acts. I’m not afraid of getting old, I’m afraid of being old.


5. My wife will confirm this; I have the world’s worst memory and am the worst speler. I’m always mixing up brides names, don’t remember appointments my wife tells me, and forget random things. As for spelling, I’m just lucky that there are spell checkers now.


6. I got my B.A. in Geography from UC Santa Barbara in 1996 and had planned as a graduation gift to myself to bicycle across country, dip my foot in the Atlantic and then fly back. This ended when Lockheed Martin hired me as a defense engineer and instead I moved to Philly for 4 years. I can't tell you what I do now or I'll have to kill you get sent to prison for treason.


7. My first date was when I was 19. Kiss too. Months later.


8. I don’t believe in owning pets, or the domestication of pets. I feel like its animal slavery, even if they love you and want to be with you. Fish are the exception, because they’re dumb and taste good on a small bed of rice.


9. I ran the 1996 LA Marathon on a dare. I completed it in.. about 5 ½ hours. Don’t ever dare me to do something.


10. Unlike most people, I really haven’t been through a lot in my life and have absolutely no reason to be sad, emo, remorseful, bitter, etc. Okay, I have been through some stuff, but why let those little things bring down your whole demeanor and walk around kicking stones being sad all the time. I think about those born in 3rd world countries who drink, bathe and defecate in the same water source. Now they deserve to listen to dark music, wear hooded black sweatshirts, and get emo tats & piercings.


11. On a dare, since I was so insecure and shy, I decided to give improv comedy a try in Hollywood. I was hooked after the first class and it really helped me open up and be okay with exploiting my own insecurities and flaws. Since then I’ve had no problem with being in front of hundreds of people. This confidence might come across as ego here and in person, but those that know me know I’m just a goof and have a low tolerance for those without a sense of humor.


12. If I had more time and less A.D.D. I think I’d be a pretty good writer (as some of you may know from your testimonials.) I wrote a 90 page story for my English class in 11th grade inspired by a photo she put on the chalkboard. The story was supposed to be 2 pages, and I asked for an extension. I’ve written several other short stories/books, all Westerns.


13. I love Westerns more than any other movie genre, and I own over 40 John Wayne movies on tape. Just something simple and pure about that lifestyle.


13 ½. I’ve only been to the dentist twice since 1991. No cavities. No braces. Just a thick enamel layer. Gross? Don't worry, you're not kissing me.


14. I wasn’t the greatest student in middle or high school, but it wasn’t because I didn’t go to school. From the middle of 7th grade on, I never missed a day OR class in middle or high school. I also was never tardy. I never had any excused or unexcused absences in high school. I was at every single class, every single day, thus perfect attendance. I did this through illness as after my 10th grade year it became a personal goal and by 12th grade I was having nightmares of me waking up late and missing class. (still did until I was almost 30) So when I got to college my buddy said that was a pretty cool thing I did in high school, too bad you can’t do it in college… I did it in college too. Approximately 1400 days or 8,500 classes straight without a miss or tardy. This stopped in 2000 when I was going to grad school at Penn State and had to miss a class in order to take a work trip to Australia.


15. I really am not a fan of music. I think it’s still a fad. There’s some I like, but most of the time, I’d rather sit in silence than hear some pre-fabricated music with artificial lyrics created from music mogul’s high tech studio. If I had my druthers, I’d listen to a combo of French pop, bossa nova, house, chillout and some trance music. Think…. Chillin on the beach in Ibiza in the early afternoon after being out all night at a dance club on the other side of the island until 8am… that was my 2002.


15½. I have an enormous fear of dropping things in the crack of an elevator, when the door opens.... I hold my keys and everything tight and take a big step inside the elevator so nothing falls down that crack.


16. Regardless of motive or technique, I really enjoy making people happy. Photography, comedy, or doing whatever I can just to get a smile, laugh or know that I made someone’s day. Maybe that’s why I do a lot of free photo gigs just because I know it helps someone else out and makes them happy. I did stand up and improv for years and never made a cent from it. I don’t expect anything at all from it. Not attention, money, fame, sushi or anything else. I figure maybe somewhere down the road, someone will do something nice for me, no strings attached.


16½. I'm not big on rules, and thus the extra things. Rules like trespassing, speeding and things like that are great guidelines, but as long as you're not harming or inconviencing anyone, game on.


I guess I do have a lot to say. Just have to wait another year for me to open up.


Happy New Year everyone. Be safe tonight. Tomorrow is a new day and a different year.


ps. Does anyone have the slightest clue why this photo of Emo Disco J got 9,400 hits yesterday??


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Taken on December 29, 2008