Vipers Bite

My work buddy has had his 1993 Dodge Viper going on 4 years. It was his dream car and he hand picked this one with just over 5k miles on it when he got it. He only drives it on nice sunny warm days, so last night around 4pm he drove me out into the hills above Malibu and we found this cracked up old road overlooking the sunset.


Doesn't get any better than this. Well, maybe if there was some dude serving sushi on the side of the road, that might have been a little closer to paradise.


So on the way there, I see these 2 guys with 2 cars on the side of the road. The one car had this elaborate camera rig on top of it. The other car was brand new with a dealer plate on it. Pulled over and talked; it was the lead photographer for He was telling me they were comparing the 2 cars. The Mitsubishi Lancer EVO and the new Pontiac GTS. They were doing rig shots up in the hills. I obviously gave him a business card and.... well, we'll see, right?



Anyway, have a great weekend all. There are some pretty intense fires a few miles from where we live, so hopefully the folks up there will be safe.

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Taken on November 13, 2008