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The Sad Canoe


This was the 5th wedding I’ve shot in Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo county this year, which is strange since it’s 150+ miles from where I live. Now I love to travel, love me a good road trip, and you really can’t beat the natural scenery of California’s central coast. I did a family shoot at Morro Bay in the morning (left just before 7am) and then shot the wedding in the afternoon at one of California’s historic Missions. Right before the ceremony I was driving back from Morro Bay to the mission and literally, emerging in front of me, was this man with a perfectly crafted canoe, in a little bay with Morro Rock in the background. It’s almost like he was waiting for me there, having it all set up, knowing my love for the ocean, dramatic clouds and sushi (has nothing to do with it, I’m just hungry). So I got out and asked him if I could photograph his canoe. Go for it. Got out the tripod, cable release, etc… said, “wow, you’re serious about this” and described him my process, etc. Come to find out he owns a local magazine, and after showing him some pictures, yadda yadda yadda… he might want me to come back up and do some freelance work for him.


So needless to say, I hope he likes this picture as much as I do.


I’ve been waiting to do a “lone canoe on the beach” shot for quite some time. Just like my last picture… sometimes I wonder if things are placed in this world for us to find; just need to keep our eyes open to opportunity.


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Taken on November 1, 2008