Walter Cronkite, 1916 - 2009

Cronkite's report from Vietnam in 1968 is famous. He concluded the war was lost. What isn't well known is that prior to that trip, Cronkite was very much a traditional hawk on Vietnam. So, when he "went over" to the anti-war viewpoint, he did so with great credibility. As it was, after his Vietnam report was broadcast, the war was to last another five years.

  • robert wade 6y

    He wept as he announced John F Kennedy's assassination, shouted encouragement when the Apollo astronauts lifted off for the moon and was the nightly conduit of information on America's Vietnam war nightmare for families across the nation.

    Walter Cronkite, the veteran US newsreader described as "the most trusted man in America", has died at his home in New York at the age of 92 from brain disease.
    London Guardian
  • Michael Donovan 6y

    A cat named Cronkite:

    Heather & Cronkite by Pteropus
  • Michael Donovan 6y

    22 November 1963:

    Old anchormen, you see, don't fade away; they just keep coming back for more. I'll be away on assignment by Coal and Ice
  • Gregg 6y

    "And that's the way it is." Bye Walter, you were loved by many!! I still can't get enough of "The Twentieth Century "and "21st Century"
  • Père Ubu 6y

    John, I saw him at Mystic Seaport a few years back
    walter cronkite
  • CarlaCarlaCarlaCarla 6y

    Lovin it. All of it.

    McNab, you're not so bad after all I guess : )
  • Michael Donovan 6y

    What do you mean "after all"? lol
  • CarlaCarlaCarlaCarla 6y

    That's called a backhanded compliment, and it means I like you. I've even bestowed you with an extra one, but don't be gettin the big-head over it.

    Now that I think of it, I became so distracted by the Box Turtle that I didn't read the rest of your profile. I'm gonna go see real quick what public groups you're a member of to make sure you're not some sorta freakazoid.
  • Michael Donovan 6y

    You, Carla, have one picture. I don't know what else to
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    Actually there were two, you just didn't look hard enough. I'll go ahead and accept the blame for not properly clicking the Contact box to include you as an esteemed member of my flickr-Family. But don't come crying to me when my family photos from pre-1900 to present leave you going ho-hum.
  • Michael Donovan 6y

    I got rid of all the Michael Jackson crapola, J.S.
  • CarlaCarlaCarlaCarla 6y

    I recommend scrolling forward to 5:00 (YouTube):
    Walter Cronkite announces death of JFK
  • the finder of things... 6y

  • Lorie 6y

    Here is a lyrical song poem I wrote about "Uncle Walter":

    You Were Always There When The World Turned Dark

    When I was four years old sitting in my Daddy's arms
    In front of a prism trace
    I was watching an innocent face
    With crystal blue eyes
    Along with a strong voice in place
    All of a sudden I caught a gleam in my eye
    Just like the giant one behind you
    This watercolor picture shield you were in everynight
    To me was new
    I found you more inspiring than Captain Kangaroo
    At the same time I was learning to tie my shoe
    Instantly I adored you as an uncle very deeply
    My Daddy wrote your name in my coloring book
    Outside the lines of Charlie Brown
    You were a Crayola Crayon with true colors
    That opened up a boxed- in child out of a frown

    You were always there when the world turned dark
    You reached out your strong hand
    To a troubled land
    Including Vietnam overseas
    Everybody prayed and landed on their knees
    To stop this disgusting turmoil
    That made our skin crawl and our blood boil
    You even lassoed and threw over your shiny anchor
    As a symbol of a sacrificial light
    To cease a painful battle sight

    Four years before I was conceived
    A fairy tale was washing in soap bubbles on TV
    Then a dark screen appeared along with your voice
    There was no choice
    The soap bubbles shattered as a signal of the departure of JFK
    Everybody lost their craving for Nescafe
    And watched a dog starve right away
    Between the black screen and the broken antenna waves
    The faded camera focused on you
    As you are almost in bloom a weeping willow
    U.S. citizens ended up hugging a pillow
    In a time span of four days
    Because our dry breadbasket lost an innocent leader
    What the hell happened to civil rights?
    Innocent political leaders are falling like dominoes
    Some nuts with milk chocolate hands
    Got to get their heads out of their nose
    They should see the tie dye light of peace and love
    Carrying a tool-a snow white dove
    Facing the omninsicent father above


    When I was fourteen you announced taking off on
    your long journey to a fountain of salty water
    I felt empty because I was going to miss an uncle
    who had no more trust
    Bread without crust
    Your typewriter stopped clicking
    Your clock stopped ticking
    Your pen stopped writing
    Your phone stopped ringing
    The world stopped singing
    The giant eye went blind
    You were the only man that kept our tubes in intact
    By expressing your up and down to earth facts
    After you stepped down off a history book staircase
    The paparazzi christened you a movie star
    With a fancy car
    Complete with a wet bar
    With no film role
    An American Idol without song and Simon, just soul
    The rotting classroom globe grew a deep hole
    So the children of the future looked up to you
    By following in your shoes
    That sure beats singing the blues
    Years ago dear 'ol Captain Neweyes
    Was eating his fortune, voila got wise
    He flew in space
    Influenced by will and grace
    By an action figure walking on a hard ball core land
    (Oh boy! Whew!)


    That day when the heavenly angels swept you in
    the holographic sky
    I started to cry
    I put on my long white dress
    and picked a faded red rose
    Meanwhile everybody's cup of tears overly flows
    I held my rose close to my breast
    With a mighty soft caress
    I closed my eyes to daydream about you and me in a slow dance
    In reality I wish I had a chance
    All of us admirers salute you as a hero with a gold medal shining
    'round your neck
    Powerful love you gave was like the King of Hearts card from a full deck
    At forty-three I still write your name on my holographic magic
    scratch pad paper
    I look up in the holographic sky
    To hear your strong voice echoing in the clouds so high
    I also hear your typewriter clicking
    Your clock ticking
    Your pen writing
    Your phone ringing
    The angels singing
    You conducting a harp
    Now God's TV color is not sharp
    It's just like the magical scratch pad sky
    That opened the giant blinded eye
    A sweet innocent spiritual smile
    Will stay in our hearts forever not for a while


    And that's the way it is
  • Nick Peligno 6y

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Taken in November 1960
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