Traffic Light (LED)

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    A designer buddy of mine needed an image of an LED Traffic Light. Here it is. This image is free for use so please steal it. Just leave a comment with a URL or snapshot of where you've used it.. that's all I ask :)

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    1. aimhelix 95 months ago | reply

      This image is free for use for any of your projects - whether you make money or not. All I'd ask as a favor in return is to post a link to what you did with it. :)

    2. PleasantValley 88 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the image! I used it here .

    3. aimhelix 88 months ago | reply

      Very cool, thanks PleasantValley.

    4. Jeremy Sorrells 82 months ago | reply

      John - thanks for your willingness to share. I am using your image here:

      It may be temporary as this is a holding page for now but we certainly appreciate it. Good work!

    5. aimhelix 81 months ago | reply

      Thanks jeremy! You are welcome.

    6. gerthough [deleted] 79 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the image John.
      I like to use creative commons (commercial) pic from flickr and I used your trafficlight-picture at my personal blog post about How To Benefit From Free Traffic Exchanges.

    7. mosborne.omaha 74 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the image. I can't provide a link: the project was printed signs for an employee incentive program called "Go Green." I placed your image behind right-aligned, 170-point Britannic Bold text,
      at the bottom of the page. The vertical line from the pole provided a nice "frame" for the word "Go."

    8. aimhelix 74 months ago | reply

      Thanks mosborne.omaha & gerthough -- I appreciate the heads up. Glad to have been of use to ya :)

    9. townsleym 67 months ago | reply

      Going to use it in a presentation on formative assessment (red, yellow, green light analogy). Thanks!

    10. aimhelix 66 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the heads up town & Kate!

    11. planetbulb 65 months ago | reply

      That is a great photo. In case anybody is wondering we sell those and they are called Extended View. You can check them out on our store here

      One of the most interesting things about the LED's is that different colors cost different amounts to create. It goes in the ROYGBIV spectrum. Red is the cheapest, then Yellow or Amber and Green is most expensive. Pretty interesting!

    12. jonlaya 65 months ago | reply

      Used for my blog:
      Thanks for the great pic.

    13. exvswatproductions 65 months ago | reply

      I am using it for C-SPAN in a documentary that will, if picked, go on national television.

    14. phaiches 64 months ago | reply

      Thank you very muchhh !!!! I use it in my project .

    15. SGizmo2010 53 months ago | reply

      Nice image! I used it on my blog: Thanks much.

    16. SGizmo2010 53 months ago | reply

      Very nice photo. Thanks for sharing! I have used it on my blog at

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