Sulphur Beetle

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    Cteniopus sulphureus on Dasiphora
    Size: 7 mm

    My favorite Tenebrionid and it's very common in (southern) Sweden.

    This, and the images below are shot handheld with the Sony NEX-7 and a reversed Apo-Componon HM 60/4 on an Olympus 65-116 mm telescopic extension tube.

    This is natural light – bright sun diffused through a white plastic diffuser attached to the end of the lens (see photo of it below).

    I found this to be a very compelling combination of gear. In my recent evaluation of the NEX 7 in combination with Canon MP-E 65 I found the camera body a bit too small and light in relation to the weight and size of the lens, to be comfortable to use handheld. However, with smaller/lighter optics like I used here, handheld shooting was great fun! I'm particularly pleased with how easy focusing through manual stop-down style lenses is. Even with the lens stopped down to a small aperture the view through the EVF is easy to work with. Finding the subject and framing the shot is quicker and more straight forward than with a regular OVF/auto-stop down solution and the display resolution and signal processing is sufficient to make focusing simple.

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    1. A.Alwosaibie 21 months ago | reply

      Stunning work....

    2. Saga55 21 months ago | reply


    3. Maxwel Rocha 21 months ago | reply

      Very beautiful!

    4. Modo Frodo's Cabinet of Curiosities 21 months ago | reply

      What a great diffuser idea! Ha! I love it. It really produced a nice result as well.

    5. wild prairie man 21 months ago | reply

      Your macro work is among the best I've ever seen.

    6. Ratatusk 21 months ago | reply

      Vackra bilder. Snygg bokeh.
      Rikitigt knivskarp kring ögat på översta bilden.

    7. Nazrul Liton 21 months ago | reply

      Brilliant macro with gr8 detail and tone.

    8. ECS Photography 20 months ago | reply

      What he said! ^

      Nice shots!

    9. krypinaturen 20 months ago | reply

      Underbar bild :-) har dock aldrig sett den här hos mej i Hälsingland, kanske för långt norrut för den. Den är verkligen vacker både i form och den härliga färgen. :-)

    10. FVDB Photography 20 months ago | reply

      very nice colors, and as always with your shots- fascinating detail. looking forward to more

    11. johnhallmen 20 months ago | reply

      Nej, det stämmer – den är vanlig i södra Sverige (på Öland sitter den nästan på varenda blomma!) men finns inte alls norrut!

    12. Siegfried Tremel 20 months ago | reply

      Beautiful images and thanks for all info. !
      May i ask you, how do u mount the Apo-Componon HM 60/4 on the Olympus 65-116 mm telescopic extension tube ?
      Many Thanks John,

    13. johnhallmen 20 months ago | reply

      I use a regular OM-reverse mount adapter (male OM bayonet in one end, male 49 mm filter thread in the other), and then the appropriate step-rings...

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