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B-24s on Mission to Husam Germany 4 Aug 1944 | by John Funk from Golden Colorado
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B-24s on Mission to Husam Germany 4 Aug 1944

Lew Funk's mission log states: 8-4-44 Hulsam [Husum]Germany, Oil Stores & A/F A/F Secondary Target 26 Aircrafts, 74.5 Tons Dropped,


Results Fair to Good No Aircrafts Lost, No KIA, No WIA Started one good fire Pilot Marks, Ship #851, Time 6:00


The only Idenfiable aircrafts in the picture is:

42-94787 D/T 4BS Halbert Set 'em Up - right most aircraft that is partially cutoff (Identifeid by tail marking)


The Valor to Victory web site at lists the mission target as the Hulsum airfield. 26 planes


were dispatched.

Planes and crew on the misssion included (not all in picture):

44-40463 D/A 4BS Israelson (lead)

44-40438 D/C 4BS Mackey unknown name (deputy lead)

44-40049 D/I 4BS Simpson

42-94811 D/K 4BS Thrun Tommy Thumper II

42-94799 E/E 4BS Wright

42-51209 E/Q 4BS Vande Guchte The Wrangler

42-94824 E/R 4BS Howard Umbriago

41-28851 E/M 4BS Marks The Near Sighted Robin

42-94787 D/T 4BS Halbert Set 'em Up

44-40458 D/Q 4BS Bice

41-29567 D/S 4BS Lundeen Bambi

41-29602 L/I 4BS Bouldin

41-29557 E/L 4BS Palmer Shadrach

44-40267 B/A 18BS Hartley (lead)

44-40461 D/B 18BS Blackburn

42-94780 L/M 18BS Brain Smitty

44-40476 E/Z 18BS Harris unknown name

42-94766 L/F 18BS Daniels Crow's Nest

42-94880 E/G 18BS Pedigo Misschief

42-94908 E/I 18BS Salveson Tiger Rag

41-28878 D/Y 18BS Parrish The Heavenly Body

42-94748 L/P 18BS Foster Undecided

42-94771 L/H 18BS Meyer

44-40436 L/O 18BS Gallagher Nancy

41-29599 L/T 18BS Scharmen Boots

42-94878 L/Q 18BS Richart

44-40482 B/B (scheduled for Blackburn but replaced)

42-94762 L/Y The Uninvited (scheduled for Salveson but replaced)

44-40328 L/B This Above All (ground spare)

42-94845 E/N Miz-Pah (ground spare)

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Taken on January 1, 2011