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B-24s on Mission to Husum Germany 4 Aug 1944 | by John Funk from Golden Colorado
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B-24s on Mission to Husum Germany 4 Aug 1944

Lew Funk's mission log states: 8-4-44 Hulsam [Husum] Germany, Oil Stores & A/F A/F Secondary Target 26 Aircrafts, 74.5 Tons Dropped,


Results Fair to Good No Aircrafts Lost, No KIA, No WIA Started one good fire Pilot Marks, Ship #851, Time 6:00


The Valor to Victory web site at lists the mission target as the Hulsum airfield. 26 planes


were dispatched.

Planes and crew on the misssion included (not all in picture):

44-40463 D/A 4BS Israelson (lead)

44-40438 D/C 4BS Mackey unknown name (deputy lead)

44-40049 D/I 4BS Simpson

42-94811 D/K 4BS Thrun Tommy Thumper II

42-94799 E/E 4BS Wright

42-51209 E/Q 4BS Vande Guchte The Wrangler

42-94824 E/R 4BS Howard Umbriago

41-28851 E/M 4BS Marks The Near Sighted Robin

42-94787 D/T 4BS Halbert Set 'em Up

44-40458 D/Q 4BS Bice

41-29567 D/S 4BS Lundeen Bambi

41-29602 L/I 4BS Bouldin

41-29557 E/L 4BS Palmer Shadrach

44-40267 B/A 18BS Hartley (lead)

44-40461 D/B 18BS Blackburn

42-94780 L/M 18BS Brain Smitty

44-40476 E/Z 18BS Harris unknown name

42-94766 L/F 18BS Daniels Crow's Nest

42-94880 E/G 18BS Pedigo Misschief

42-94908 E/I 18BS Salveson Tiger Rag

41-28878 D/Y 18BS Parrish The Heavenly Body

42-94748 L/P 18BS Foster Undecided

42-94771 L/H 18BS Meyer

44-40436 L/O 18BS Gallagher Nancy

41-29599 L/T 18BS Scharmen Boots

42-94878 L/Q 18BS Richart

44-40482 B/B (scheduled for Blackburn but replaced)

42-94762 L/Y The Uninvited (scheduled for Salveson but replaced)

44-40328 L/B This Above All (ground spare)

42-94845 E/N Miz-Pah (ground spare)

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Taken on January 5, 2014