OAK-U-TRON 201X: Move-In Day
January 28th, 2012, Occupy Oakland attempts to occupy a vacant, unused, public or bank-owned building to turn it into a social center with space for a community kitchen, a first-aid station, meeting spaces, a free school, a space for children, a library, a media room, and more. There was also to be a two-day street festival with music, movies, arts & crafts, food and speakers during the opening weekend of the building.

The OAK-U-TRON is a tactical, mobile arcade machine, brought to you by RPM Collective. Alex Kerfoot and Mars Jokela built the cabinet, and anna anthropy designed and developed "Keep Me Occupied" a game specifically for Occupy Oakland's Move-In Day on January 28th 2012.

We built the OAK-U-TRON 201X arcade machine to donate to Occupy Oakland's social space, to give people an opportunity to meet others in their community face to face, to give them some respite from their struggles, be it poverty or police repression, and to make them feel more comfortable in the new social space.

We put the cabinet on wheels, and made it optinally battery-powered so that it could be played while being moved through the streets during the Move-In march. It makes visible the intent of the march—that we are occupying the vacant building not to destroy it, but to build a community space—and it contributes a sense of whimsy to the festive atmophere.

The OAK-U-TRON had quite a successful day, despite not being able to find a home. People loved the machine and the game, and it remained operational until it needed to be taken to a safehouse for the time being.
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