• I'd like to see another version of this picture where the only color is the brown coffee. - Ann Althouse
  • Ah! The Uniball Vision. A great pen. - Ann Althouse
  • Tantalizing, to be almost able to read the text (in the largest size). - Ann Althouse
  • I decided to take that advice: look at this!
  • You can read the notebook in the color version.
  • This blue is spectacular!!! I'm thirsty! - tbechtx
  • I was just feeling a little sorry for the glass. Everything else on the table had a note, as if the glass did not exist! Poor glass! Well, now the little slip of paper is feeling sad and lonely. - Ann Althouse
  • Poor, sweet little slip of paper! - Ann Althouse
  • I just wanted to add this rectangle for the sake of the overall composition and to make this look Cubist. - Ann Althouse
  • And don't forget this thing! I was surprised to get one of these with my noisette, so I picked it up and started examining it. I must have looked confused, because a waiter who happened to be walking by explained: "C'est un Madeleine."
  • I want to see it with just these feet in colour now! - M©G
  • a cigarette hidden - Paula Silva.
  • Is this a dustbin? - Michie C
  • perfect :D - andriahalfen
  • drop of what? - I viaggi di mkvale
  • my remembers - dannoguez
  • it looks electric... - lemonlime32
  • Preciosa - Fotografía | Madrid | Spain
  • So many notes it's hard to read... - ajkimmins


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PLEASE FEEL FREE TO USE THIS PHOTO IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE CREATIVE COMMONS TERMS. Before using the photo, you must click on that link, read the terms, and follow them. If you do use the photo, please credit me as John Althouse Cohen.

(These things apply to all of my Flickr photos, but I'm repeating it in this caption because this is a very popular photo and many people have asked me about using it.)

Some people have asked me if they can have a print of this photo. It's not physically possible for me to send you a print of the photo, but you're free to make a print for yourself as long as you comply with the terms of the Creative Commons license.

There are 3 alternate versions of this photo:

brown coffee and blue bottle (my favorite)



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The cookie on the saucer is a Madeleine, which Proust immortalized in Remembrance of Things Past.

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  1. A Nomad's Lot 55 months ago | reply

    Thanks for making your photo available through the Creative Commons license. I've used it in an article and credited you at: www.anomadslot.com/2010/06/21/how-rss-helps-save-time-money/.

  2. BAD DOG DIABOLO 55 months ago | reply

    This is really beautiful, wonderful, excellent picture

  3. Duarte Sergio 53 months ago | reply

    This is a beautiful Black & White photo.

    Your work has inspired me!!
    You are INVITED to post it in our group...

    Black & White Passion Group

  4. Đόđэ● 52 months ago | reply


  5. neuza teixeira 52 months ago | reply

    This is amazing! I love your work!

  6. ♥ Elettraoro ♥♪ 50 months ago | reply

    wonderful composition!! Great job!!

  7. liebeiststark [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

    excellent photo!

  8. artland 47 months ago | reply

    This is a wonderful shot!
    You are invited to post it to:


  9. davensuze (Seriously, I'm not Ted Raynor) 43 months ago | reply

    I agree, I really like the bottle blue and the brown coffee shot.

  10. acastleblue 42 months ago | reply

    Life... has it's moments .-)

  11. Gorsefire 38 months ago | reply

    Hi, thanks for making the photo available through Creative Commons. I've used it in a blogpost here: www.gorsefire.com/2012/01/review-of-ou-level-2-creative-w... with a link back to you.

  12. kevinxt 37 months ago | reply

    That looks like a Ty Nant bottle :D

  13. cometaysinembargo 34 months ago | reply

    Amazing photo. I've used it in my blog: profesorenapuros.es/2012/05/y-si-hubiera.html
    Thanks for sharing using CC licenses.

  14. thewritingreader 34 months ago | reply

    Thank you for sharing via Creative Commons. I've used it on my blog today: www.thewritingreader.com/blog/2012/05/08/prompt-326-end-o...

  15. cshore37 32 months ago | reply

    Beautiful picture :]! I just used it on my new blog heartisinthewriteplace.blogspot.com/
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. victor98_2001 31 months ago | reply

    excellent shot

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