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Watch Periodic Comet168 Hergenrother cruising within 37 million miles of Earth, this Comet had suddenly brighten to about ~9th magnitude from its original 15.6 mag. And I followed it for 2 hours, creating this movie from the 5 minute exposure still images. I capture some dust tail motion and disconnection or outburst events, as well as some tail rotation.


I used my homemade 16" diameter telescope(newtonian reflector) @F4.5, & QHY8 Cooled Color CCD camera, from my Observatories in Yellow Springs, Ohio on 10-24-2012. Strong Moonlight was present, but I was able to cut through it using and CLS filter,


Comet Hergenrother Major update!!!

The Comet has split in two! This movie is from two nights ago before the split!


It appears my Comet Movie two nights ago showing all that tail motion , rotation, and tail disconnection event was leading

up to the Comet's Nucleus splitting into two pieces now...and they are separated enough now to see in amateur telescopes.....which has happened to a few comets in the past as well! Glad I got a movie of it just before the split...unfortunately clouds and rain are keeping me from taking another movie or pics of it at it with the newly split double nucleus.

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Taken on October 25, 2012