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Toy Soldier | by John Charlton
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Toy Soldier


A child`s toy. A small plastic soldier. Washed up on the beach. It could be one from my own childhood, so many year`s ago. How different my view of the world is now.


echoseventeen @ 2003-10-02 07:37 said :

Yes, we don`t want to be still fighting, but we still are.I wonder if our little minds will ever go beyond that mentality and then make it work ? love the photo.


eye2eye @ 2003-10-02 07:38 said :

This DOES make an incredible visual statement, John, the old relic half buried in the sand, the weapon pointing at nothing... I am so distraught about (for one thing) the U.S. handling of events since 9/11... this might be a powerful image for a poster... I know I`m rambling, but this photo gets me going. The brown tones & tight cropping add to its impact. Again I say, incredible.


mobin @ 2003-10-02 07:49 said :

briliant vision...


eduardo_dacosta @ 2003-10-02 09:14 said :

mine too ;-)


coming_soon @ 2003-10-02 09:15 said :

And you can still find these in your local toy store... some things change so slowly they don`t seem to change at all.


madanamohana @ 2003-10-02 09:16 said :



tualtovamos @ 2003-10-02 09:36 said :

Echo - seventeen and eye2eye:Poignant and excellent picture.


jillian @ 2003-10-02 10:31 said :

this is so crazy!!its a perfect find and shot!!


rubim @ 2003-10-02 10:35 said :



absolutebeginner @ 2003-10-02 10:54 said :

Hard to find words to comment on this one, yet IMPOSSIBLE not to. To say that it is PROFOUND would be an understatement. This is SO moving. So SPECIAL. Riveting & DEEPLY emotional. The toy itself is so life-like - the facial expression is so earnest. The SAND is incredible on its own - and the soldier is buried in an absolutely PERFECT way. The wonderful shadow adds such a mood to this. Your choice of framing is spectacular. This would make a FABULOUS scupture! If you have any friends who do sculpture, send it to them.


a_hawaii_journal @ 2003-10-02 17:59 said :

wow, thanks for making me a fave. This is a image that repels and yet fasinates, as a peaceworker, I only hope that somehow we can move the world away from endless war. Have you read the book Addicted to war? It is a graphic novel that tells the whole story in comic book form. It is great! Like this amazing photo. Love, Joy


anideg @ 2003-10-02 19:58 said :

hard to comment on such a impact photo and comment- ... can i just say `peace or is this out of date?


yesterday @ 2003-10-02 22:18 said :

Peace is never out of date, nor is love.


absolutebeginner @ 2003-10-02 23:22 said :

Ahhh, if you are going to say something so generous. Then, may I say that I am ALSO envious of YOUR talent. :-) This shot has stayed with me all day & will for a long time.As a history buff, a sentimental/emotional person, & a Christian who has been praying for soldiers for the past few wars... this image pierced my heart. It is definitely one of the favorites that I have seen since I have been wandering these e-halls. If it was a print, I would buy it. If it was a war remembrance statue, I would stand in front of it & it would bring tears to my eyes.


adorable_zee @ 2003-10-03 00:56 said :

Thank you for visiting and the kind words on my fotolog! Thanks also for the kind comment on Max`s log. It was extremely thoughtful and appreciated. :)


strobe_hearted @ 2003-10-03 01:24 said :

I thought this was a relief sculpture when I saw it (in thumbnail And full-sized.) you did it excellent justice with your eye.


mikeque @ 2003-10-03 11:33 said :

This one is perfect.

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