The 2011 Missouri Turkey Vultures
I took this photo and video series in 2011, of a turkey vulture hatch in Marshall, Missouri. The same barn loft has been used successfully by a pair of returning vultures in 2009 and 2010. We think they may be the same mated pair each year, but we do not really know that. A live cam provided by the Raptor Resource Project is now in place at this site (2012), hopeful for the return of the vulture pair again this year. Turkey vultures do not actually build nests. They locate their choice of nesting spots in protected areas usually on or near the ground. In our experience they lay their eggs (usually two) during the first week of May. Do not expect to see much "nest activity" until late April. Incubation will be about 30 days (expect all of the month of May), and the hatched young are raised at the nesting location until mid to late August when they take to flight. To be among the first ever to view these details look in at this year's live cam at
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