I won the lottery!!!

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    When we flew back from shooting the wedding in Santa Barbara last year, we flew through Seattle. There was a Washington Lottery scratchers machine next to our gate. I thought, "Hmmm, that's silly. There's no way to get paid if you win. You must have to send in winning ticket to redeem them. But what if you only won a buck. Haha, that'd be silly. You'd be spending a dollar on a ticket, then spending $.44 on a stamp to get a dollar. So in the end you'd be out the cost of a stamp. And the Washington Lottery would get your dollar, but they'd have to spend $X.xx to print and mail a check for a dollar, so they'd lose money too!"

    Yes, I have huge involved conversations with myself in my head. Anyway, I bought one. And I won a dollar. I mean...lost forty-four cents. And made the Washington Lottery burn some money too. 'Cause that's how I roll.

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    1. Penelope's Loom 70 months ago | reply

      Perfect. Now you can quit your day job. :)

    2. Greg-0 70 months ago | reply

      Dude! You know I'm your friend right? :))) If that's too much money for you to handle, I'll take a share of that. :)

    3. myla kent 70 months ago | reply

      yes, but the photo is PRICELESS. so there you go. ;)

    4. espressoDOM 70 months ago | reply

      I'm Riiiiich Biiiiitch!!! Lmao

    5. Button2PushButtons 69 months ago | reply

      What? I bite my fingernails sometimes as well.

    6. arkworld 69 months ago | reply

      sweeeet! what are you gonna buy with the $.56 you made? i think you should invest it. by the time you reach retirement age, you might have a whole dollar to spend!

    7. jenna3967 66 months ago | reply

      Loved this photo! I used it as the feature image for my article "What would you do with a mega-lottery win?"

      Link to my blog, and the article below. Thanks!


    8. rachelgreenbelt 21 months ago | reply

      We would like to use your excellent photo for the non-profit, non-commercial SignTyp project at www.SignTyp.uconn.edu, which is working to create sign language picture dictionaries for 15 different sign languages around the world. Some cropping or highlighting of your photo might be needed. If you do not want this, please Flickr-email to rachelgreenbelt, so that we can remove your work from our project. If the picture is used, it will be credited with a link back to your photo. Thank you, Rachel Channon for the SignTyp Project at the University of Connecticut

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