chicken jello

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    chicken jello: what happens when you just throw the chicken in the fridge instead of draining it after cooking.

    1. synthesized nirvana 117 months ago | reply

      Seen that before at my house. Odd angle, though. Did you prop that against a wall?

    2. John Carleton 117 months ago | reply

      indeed i did. was trying to hang it, but couldn't find anything that'd work.

    3. synthesized nirvana 117 months ago | reply

      If you hung it up, it would be neo nouveau art. And smelly after a few days.....

    4. christyscherrer 117 months ago | reply

      ewwwww. I boil left over chicken with the fat to make stock. It's lovely and good protien. Sometimes the broth will gel like jello not from the fat but from the keratin and other protiens that leach out of the bones and cartilage. Protien jello is not our cultural idea of yummy, but I do love to add it to other things (like cooking veges and rice) because I now its a good way to add extra protien. My comment seems strange (even to me), but, that is what this image makes me think of...

    5. anxiousdog 117 months ago | reply

      Interesting! At first I thought you were shooting it from the top down.

    6. racingsquirrel 116 months ago | reply

      how unusual. well, now you know, chicken fat coagulates. Consider posting this oddity to It's All Wrong.

    7. TheDamnMushroom 106 months ago | reply

      Old Jewish men would dig this -- schmaltz on toast!

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