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My 1963 first edition compact cassette recorder still works  WORLDS FIRST COMPACT CASSETTE RECORDER with the 1967 first mini compact cassette recorder | by spondooley
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My 1963 first edition compact cassette recorder still works WORLDS FIRST COMPACT CASSETTE RECORDER with the 1967 first mini compact cassette recorder

this model came out August 1963 the original model was made up until 1966 by popular demand of its originality this example i have ..yes you guest it is from september 1966 the last of the originol edition the desighn was never used again after 1966 its exacly the same as the 1963 machine IT SAYS THE DATE OF MANUFACTURE INSIDE OF THE BATTERY COMPARTMENT the last edition of the original model from August 1963 it would have cost about £175-£200 in todays money the original has a unique desighn a white base and no peep hole window in the cassette door to view the tape and no AC adapter battery only you was maybe wondering why they always use to sell that table top compact cassette at Argos maybe a Sony its becouse that is how the original machine looked all them years ago in 1963 and it comes with microphone and leather case WICH THE LEATHER IS IMACULATE NOT EVEN A AGEING CRACK BETTER PUT SOME DUBBING ON IT HO HO the 2 hour cassettes came out in 1967 along with the mini compact cassette recorder used for dictation machines pictured with the large player wich also dates back to 1967 THIS MACHINE USES A CLASSIC ONE BUTTON DOES IT ALL APART FROM A SEPERATE RECORDER BUTTON fast farward,stiop and rewind and play is done with just that little white button the Sony Walkmans came out in 1968 they are named the walkman becouse they was took on the Apollo mission and becouse of man walking on the moon they was called walkmans they are pricey! £500 in todays money its a super little silver machine look out for them they are called the Sony TC-50 with super scope written on the side it is more mythology that stack systems came out in the 60s the closest you are going to get to a stack is a 8 track better known as the stereo YES THAT WAS 8 TRACK THE STEREO compact cassettes not a stereo untill maybe the mid 1970s 8 track is a stack system becouse of its desighn wich is a front loading machine compact cassette is a top loader and resembles nothing like the stack systems of later years you could maybe assemble a home made seperates system with a record deck and a seperate amp and speekers but it would more resemble a music centre hense to popular fad lasting into the early 80s of the top loader audio desighn- Yes you can get a stack hi fi seperates in the 60s easy but it will only be 8 track machine domesticaly 8 track was discontinued in 1988 the last title released on 8 track was Fleetwood Mac LP BUT radio stations continued to use 8 track machinery into the 1990s there was two versions of 8 track recording devices a reel too reel and catridge but are not linked like Betamax Beta is still on sale today its used by the BBC and ITV camcorders and video recorders Betamax tured 36 years old in April 2011 it first went on sale April 16th 1975 Check it out i have it listed in a photo entitled the worlds most expensive camcorder the Betacam DVW-970 HAY! lets take them all back to Argos anyway and ask for a refund else we play hell YUMMY SMELL THEM CHIPS SPENT ALL MY MONEY ON IT AND LEFT MYSELF WITH NOTHING TO EAT good old Argos understand that the custormer is always right god bless you lovely and a coke please PS if you are looking for one they are rare to find but you will find one it can take up to four weeks to find one

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Taken on May 10, 2011