Cycle Camping In Holland
This set is about a cycling holiday we took. Its pretty much cut and pasted from an old website, so it might make strange reading.

Day1 - The ferry drops us off at the Hook at 3:00pm. The first section of our journey takes us from the Hook to
the seaside resort of NordWijk, a trip of around 31 miles.

Day 2 - we cycled from Nordwijk to Amsterdam through Amsterdam and on to Camping Gasper on the outskirts. The ride took us 73.8 miles, a lunch break, a coffe stop and two patisseries.

Day 3 - Amsterdam

Day 4 - From Amsterdam we make the long trip to Delft

Day 5 - The morning of the final day was spent wondering around Delft. It was choosen for the last stop
due to its proximity to the Hook, it was a short ride to the ferry in case of motivational or mechanical problems.
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