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    Lest anyone think I have a dangerous obsession with Anil, I only did this (quickly) for some of his pals to see after a discussion of some decidely unfunny Anil comics that a caveman did. It is not very funny I know.

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    1. thirteen ages ago | reply

      The halftones are really off, hurting readability because of the way I assembled this. Urk!

    2. lia ages ago | reply

      thirteen is, as always, my hero.

    3. anildash ages ago | reply

      now *that* shit is funny.

    4. Mike Monteiro ages ago | reply

      Who's Anil?

    5. jon.bell ages ago | reply


    6. jon.bell ages ago | reply

      Ah, there's the different sizes link.

    7. dreamghost ages ago | reply

      Haha I cant believe you wasted your time on this. I made those anil comics in like 2 Minutes. Do you always get this upset when someone pokes fun at your sacred cow?

      But it's all good. Me and my friends all had a chuckle over the hullabaloo that has ensued.

      Love the art though even if it has ol' uglys mug on it.

      dreamghost the caveman

    8. thirteen ages ago | reply

      This does not reflect an awful lot of my time, and I rather enjoy making stupid little comics. Anil is my friend, and I have always done strips featuring my friends. Mine makes more sense in that context than yours does.

      Really, the only hullabaloo has been trying to figure out what your problem with Anil is. Did he fuck your mom and leave her to raise you alone?

      My best to your friends.

    9. dreamghost ages ago | reply

      Heh that's my point this shit means next to nothing to me. I was putzing around in stripcreator. Someone noted on irc that Anil only posts on askme about weblog questions. I concurred, i cranked out a silly little strip. I then showed it to the people in the channel we laughed. And got back on with our lives. So at least my comic was funny to a few people even if it was a injoke.

      Was the strip over exegrated? Sure, I took someones stupid little comment and expanded on it. If Anil is hurt then there must be some truth to it.

      I have no problem with Anil. He is a pompous ass but that's ok a lot of people are. Maybe if he deflated that ego of his he would of laughed too.

      Im sure Anil is a big enough man to defend himself. And dont need any more pisspoor help from you.

      And let me give my best to your friends. I only know having to deal with a shrill asshat like yourself must be nervewrecking ordeal. Do you always suck up to blowhards like Anil?

      This will be my last post on this subject. Im sure you will respond with some lame insult and thats fine. But like i summed up in Meta

      I just dont care...

      See you in the funny papers


    10. thirteen ages ago | reply

      My insults aren't lame.

    11. norm_ ages ago | reply

      I hate it when my strips get exegrated.

    12. daveadams ages ago | reply

      Anil, I hope you have a print of this in your office.

    13. anildash ages ago | reply

      the print doesn't fit into my office because my head is too big. poor funky little prints.

    14. david ages ago | reply Heh that's my point this shit means next to nothing to me

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