A DYI sub-irrigation systems for planters-SIP
An Urban Roof top Vegetable Garden in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This compact 430 sq ft vegetable garden on the roof of a residential home comprises of six raised cedar beds, vertical trellis for climbing fruit and vegetables like cantaloupe and butternut squash and over 50 planters of various sizes, shapes and material. The versatile aluminum framing system around the raised beds acts as a base for the trellis system, enables the beds to be used as season extenders and protects the plants at various stages of growth from critters and the environment i.e. wind, excessive rainfall, birds, squirrels and raccoons. The raised beds and planters feature a sub-irrigation system (SIPs) that capitalizes on capillary action with no loss of water or fertilizer run-off. The SIPs system provides the plants with consistent water and oxygen at the root level and greatly contributes to their optimal growth in a challenging roof top environment. The Square Foot gardening planting guide is the layout for this compact, highly productive vegetable garden.
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