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    Street Photography Now by Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren. (Available October 2010 published by Thames & Hudson, London Paris & New York)

    Mmmm... fresh glossy printing ink - on real paper! Which will become a real book! These are the first proofs - and I'm all excited again - even though it won't be published until later this year...

    I know it's a bit previous to be mentioning it, but since there has been nothing good published on the subject for almost 20 years... (since Westerbeck & Meyerowitz's "Bystander" - and now you'd need to sell your grandmother to be able to afford a copy of that) I just can't help myself!.

    Street Photography Now: 50 world class photographers represented in over 300 inspiring, beautiful, extraordinary or simply gobsmacking photographs.

    All to be reproduced on decent sized pages so you can really see the images in detail.

    4 text essays put what's happening now, where it's happening and why into context, and also ask some provocative questions along the way. "A global conversation", where a number of the photographers share their ideas, rap about how they work and expand on why they feel compelled to do what they do.

    And throughout the book there are extensive quotes, pearls of wisdom or simply great little photo related one-liners that'll make you smile from all the photographers .

    Keep your eyes peeled...

    [UPDATE: Since this picture was posted back in January, we have had the pleasure of seeing in-public's "10" published. A great little book celebrating their 10 years of existence available from Nick Turpin Publishing. Some of the in-public photographers are also featured in "SPN"; as we've been calling it throughout the research, writing, design, editing and production processes]

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    1. bruce grant 62 months ago | reply

      can't wait...

    2. Bruno Quinquet 62 months ago | reply

      thanks for sharing!

    3. Oliwer Tłist 62 months ago | reply

      looking forward to see this book

    4. Jim Shannon 62 months ago | reply

      Looks very exciting...

    5. Oliwer Tłist 62 months ago | reply

      Johanna any idea when book will be available in book stores ?

    6. b@tut [deleted] 62 months ago | reply

      save one for me

      oh and look!


    7. Guido Steenkamp 62 months ago | reply

      strange, can't find my name on the list ;-) Just kidding, this looks like an awesome project, can't wait for the book

    8. rami (MM) 62 months ago | reply

      wow :> when? :)

    9. johanna 59 months ago | reply


      Fall this year - or autumn if you are in the UK.


      What do you say in Canada?

    10. John Goldsmith 59 months ago | reply

      Thanks, Johanna! Looking forward to it.

      I don't know what we say in Canada. I'm guessing both ways are OK though. I'm originally from the US and once got into hot water up here when I said "cabin" instead of "cottage." :O

    11. viewfinder72 58 months ago | reply

      Another great T&H book. And always so well designed : )

    12. ileicaU 58 months ago | reply

      Looking forward to this one.

    13. ileicaU 58 months ago | reply

      We say both up here, probably more "fall" now than when I was growing up and "autumn" was more common. She Who Must Be Obeyed better visit this colony and whip us into shape with the Queen's English.

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