De Profundis: Suspended in Blue
With my large scale cyanotype prints I attempt to evoke and share the broad sensory experience of diving. It is one of motion, pressure, breath, vastness, and elation—an ever present journey. There is little time to get the shot. One can not stop to do the routine things every photographer does: plant a tripod, change a lens or obsess over the focus. The common scenario is a perpetual state of motion with no opportunity to set up a scene, resulting in a very intuitive and serendipitous endeavor.

I want my pictures to have a certain clarity that makes the experience of looking at them vivid. Almost as if the viewer could look at the light creeping in through the water from the sunshine far above, hear the sounds of my breath, and feel the pressure of the water on their body.

I have grown to understand that my photographs reflect who I am and how deeply committed and passionate I feel about the ocean. I started this journey merely to document the places I had seen but I sit here today knowing that my involvement is deeper than that.

The destruction of habitat and of entire populations of species, by pollution, over-fishing, and cruel activities such as shark finning, are leading to possibly irreversible changes in the oceans.

I have an opportunity to be part of the efforts to raise awareness about the health of the oceans. My photographs not only communicate my passion but serve to inform the viewer, and to impart a sense of curiosity, wonder, and thereby awareness. If this individual awareness in my viewer turns into concern and possibly action then I have done my job.
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