Peachy Colored Succulent

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    I think these were grown from some broken leaves I must have found a while ago, because neither me nor my Mom remembers buying this.

    It has an unusual peach color which I don't see much in succulents.

    Anyone recognize this succulent?

    possibly: Golden Sedum
    (Sedum adolphii) Family: Crassulaceae

    [Update Oct. 12, 2008] I think this is actually a Graptosedum, but still unsure about the species.

    (x Graptosedum) Family: Crassulaceae
    posssibly: x Graptosedum 'Bronze' or x Graptosedum 'Alpenglow'

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    1. lblanchard 97 months ago | reply

      No, but it sure is pretty.

    2. livininoblivion 96 months ago | reply

      wow.. is this some kind of cactus? it looks cool

    3. joeysplanting 96 months ago | reply

      Thanks lb_philly :)

      pinayako... technically it's not a Cactus since it's not in the Cactaceae family, but it is a succulent.

    4. carolineeee 95 months ago | reply

      Oh wow! That's really pretty.

    5. neoportenia 90 months ago | reply

      sedum adolphi Neoporteña

    6. squirrelly71 82 months ago | reply

      Very nice color! Do they require full sun to color up like that?

    7. joeysplanting 82 months ago | reply

      Thank you carolineeee and neoportenia :) sorry, I just saw your comment today...

      Thank you Chrischang...

      Thanks squirrelly71, I really like the color of these, too... Mine are growing in our cover patio, so they are shaded with partial/indirect sun. I don't really know how they would color up under full sun.

    8. squirrelly71 80 months ago | reply

      this one sort of looks like graptosedum, maybe 'alpenglow"? I am pretty sure it is not sedum adolphii....

    9. joeysplanting 78 months ago | reply

      squirrelly71, I think you are right... I purchased another succulent named Sedum adolphii and they don't looke like the same species. I noticed your Graptosedum 'Bronze'... do you think this is the same?

    10. succulentlover77 78 months ago | reply

      I am sure they are Gaptosedum "Alpenglow" that is page of it

    11. succulentlover77 78 months ago | reply

      And wonderful picture, congrulations, I know they have wonderful colors like in yours picture

    12. Sweetstuff "Candy" 78 months ago | reply

      I think you may have a graptosedum "alpenglow" that's color is slightly beyond the norm. Really pretty color.

    13. joeysplanting 77 months ago | reply

      Thank you succulentlover77, I think you are correct. I saw a Alpenglow at a local garden center and it looked similar. I took all the baby Alpenglow plants and planted them in a larger pot. I'll post photos of them later.

      Thanks Sweetstuff... yeah, this one has a slightly different color than the other photos I've seen, so that's been throwing me off.

    14. begoniaphile 18 months ago | reply

      There's no such thing as a Graptosedum species. Graptosedums are intergeneric hybrids, a graptopetalum crossed with a sedum. Therefore, it can only have a hybrid name, not a species name.

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