Our wedding night

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    [Commentary by my mother]
    This could just as well have been captioned "Our Wedding Night
    or How a Bad Photo Resulted in a Lifetime Hobby!"

    Jerry's German camera turned out maddeningly random good or bad photos. Of course it was because we didn't know about setting it for distance, let alone shutter speed and f-stop. We posed this morning after our wedding in front of the hotel where we spent the first night of our married life. The picture turned out so badly I was motivated later to take the camera to a store to learn how to operate it and was sold a light meter. The rest is history: the beginning of better photos and a lifetime hobby.

    In the hotel room on our wedding night Jerry suggested I bathe first. Avoiding his eyes, I took a few things from a small suitcase into the bathroom: nightgown, toothbrush, and little round plastic box from Dotty's doctor.

    What a long day; it felt like it had been two or three. The shower was refreshing and good. I donned the nightgown Dotty gave me at a wedding shower. The delicate tea-rose rayon fell to the floor, skimming the body lightly, bias cut following all of the curves and hollows, wide lace panels defining upper areas. It was chaste but alluring I decided, viewing a mirrored image. Then panic struck.

    How would I get from bathroom to bed?

    I fidgeted there in the bathroom, trying to figure this out. I wasn't used to parading around in front of men in a nightgown. Suddenly in great relief I noticed my blue satin raincoat hung on the inside of the bathroom door, and put it on over my nightgown. I crept out to the bed shyly and quickly slipped under the sheets, raincoat and all. Jerry smiled slightly and went into the bathroom himself.

    The first big hurdle in married life had been met and resolved. I shed the raincoat while Jerry showered; soon he joined me under the sheets. Appropriate events ensued.

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    1. Newleaf 99 months ago | reply

      I love the "cut away" version: "appropriate events ensued"! I was afraid you were going to give us too much information , but I should not have doubted the infinite class of Chalet.

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    2. churl 99 months ago | reply

      As always, this series is one of my faves of flickr.

    3. Chalet 99 months ago | reply

      Mindy, Churl, what wonderful endorsements. Many thanks!

    4. LarryB 99 months ago | reply

      Chalet - what a beautiful story. I'm blushing. Really.

    5. Jenni Laidman 99 months ago | reply

      A raincoat! Wonderful. Really, I see this scene in a Doris Day-type film.

    6. Chalet 99 months ago | reply

      Larry Blue Eyes blushing? Hmm! Jenni, what I wouldn't give now for that beautiful blue, shiny satin raincoat with belt and 40s wide lapels. Yes, it would've looked great on Doris Day!

    7. foolscap 99 months ago | reply

      What a sweet story!
      I'm still loving all your stories and photos chalet - and of course looking forward to more!

    8. Lora Singleton 97 months ago | reply

      Accidental out-of-focus sometimes works great! Here, while you maybe didn't end up with quite as perfect a souvenir shot as you'd hoped, it gives a great atmosphere - it looks radiant and glowing.

      Joey and Chalet, I've been going through this set for about 2 hours now and am still rapt. Your photos are amazing and your stories really bring them to life.

    9. Chalet 97 months ago | reply

      Thank you Linda. Thank you Lora. I hope you visit often!

    10. Gail S 95 months ago | reply

      "Jerry smiled slightly..." thinking to himself, "RAINCOAT???"

      Lovely story and the beginning of a remarkable hobby. Thank you, Chalet, for sharing.

    11. Chalet 93 months ago | reply

      So glad you found our series. I do love receiving a Gail-comment.

    12. ohairas 87 months ago | reply

      Oh Chalet you are so much fun! I wish I had talked to my grandma more and asked her for stories. Thanks for "filling in". I'll hafta go make some popcorn and stay a while!

    13. Chalet 87 months ago | reply

      Ohairas, why not write about your own thumbnail? It looks sweetly vintage. Thanks for nice comment!

    14. sparkleneely 85 months ago | reply

      I love all of these stories so much!

    15. missgin2us 85 months ago | reply

      I am practically speechless with delight each time I read one of these lovely stories. Chalet, you are awesome, each story you tell is a gem. I am totally addicted to your set, and I will probably start all over again when I am through, just like I do with a book that has become a favorite! I live in Sparta now, having moved here from East Lansing 30 years ago and am actually very familiar with the Grand Rapids locations you speak of. I love it all, and thanks for sharing all this with us!!

    16. Chalet 85 months ago | reply

      Sparkleneely and missgin2us, thanks for your appreciative comments. Sparkle, I enjoyed so much your good photos of Australia; Bondi Beach, Luna Park, aborigines tooting the didjeridoo. A Jackson friend actually owns one and tries to get music out of it!

      Missgin, Sparta, a sweet town! In the 1980s a friend, John Koza, a math wizard who helped get the MI Lottery going, bought a Sparta printing company and turned it to printing the new rub-off tickets there. Is it still in operation? Sorry to lose you from Oxford Road in E.L.

    17. ~ Liberty Images 73 months ago | reply

      What a wonderful story! Really, it is...! Your class is much appreciated, by the way. Not that less was expected, but sadly, these days...It's like we're trained to expect the worst. *sigh*

      Like the picture, though, despite its 'problems'. There is something really fun about it. Must be the happiness of the newlyweds!

    18. naugastyle 66 months ago | reply

      Haha! How incredibly sweet. "Appropriate events ensued." Wonderful.

      Such a bummer about the focus though...you guys look wonderfully happy and I like the composition.

    19. Chalet 66 months ago | reply

      Thank you, Jen and Nancy.

    20. Hollywood Observer 40 months ago | reply

      Nice shot of the marquee... I hope they reconstruct something similar during the rebuild of the The Morton House Hotel.


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