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Ding! | by Joe Shlabotnik
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Some guy backed into our car in a parking lot! Fortunately, Sue was in the car at the time. Unfortunately, we find out later that he gave her a bogus name, a bogus address, and bogus insurance information! Fortunately, we have his license plate: REYANA (it's a New York vanity plate). How dumb is he? Hopefully our insurance company will track him down.


UPDATE: Jan 8, 2007: Bogus license place. Of course.


UPDATE: Later in January: It wasn't a bogus license plate - Sue had misremembered what type of car he was in, and for some reason that caused some difficulty. Anyway, they found the guy. He admitted to being there, (in his brother's car) that day, but denied any wrongdoing. But after his insurance company talked to Sue, they realized he was full of crap. I don't know what's going to happen to the guy, but it looks like we'll be getting our deductible back. Yay!


UPDATE: 7/7/07 (lucky day!) - We finally got a letter from our insurance company that said the other guy's insurance company is going to pay for everything. So we *finally* really and truly will be getting our deductible back!


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Taken on November 15, 2006