Destination Unknown Adventure Race 2011
About 500 pics from the Destination Unknown adventure race, held on Saturday, June 4, 2011, in Warsaw, Indiana.

The race was organized and hosted by Matt and Micah of Metzger Outdoors, and many friendly volunteers.

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Note: Racers - you are FREE to download any pics for your personal use (not commercial use), for example, e-mailing friends or relatives, showing on Facebook, displaying as a computer wallpaper, etc. If you choose the "View all sizes" option as described above, you will see a "Download..." link at the top of the web page. For higher-resolution versions of these pics suitable for printing, please e-mail requests to me at: rikki480 (at)

Note: For any commercial use of the photos, please contact me, Joe Romie, at this e-mail address to inquire about permission: rikki480 (at)
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