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Except from this morning it has been raining for over a week now. I know there are some die hards out there, but not me, I'm more of a fair weather photog. (talking about die-hard, just watched all the die-hard movies on blu-ray, pretty awesome!!) So I kept my pretty butt inside and shot some artsy still life photos. I got the idea form the Fro Knows Photo website where the theme for this weeks weekend contest is "Vintage". I just got my wife a guitar for Christmas and I thought that is a damn good subject to shoot.

I think everybody is familiar with rock concert photos or has seen a rock concert on tv. lots of big **s lights and they smoke the hell out of a stage. Well that's what I did. I burned the sh*t out off a whole bunch of stuff to get it smokey in the house, it's two day's later now and I can still smell it. And I set up my speed light in a way that it almost popped directly in my trusty little camera. When shooting "Vintage" it doesn't really matter if your exposure is right or if your colors are spot on, it's vintage so mess it up! And thats excactly what I did. Its overexposed in certain areas, the colors are off, some are grainy, but it's Vintage. And doesn't it look rockin' ? Its like an old James Brown or a Jimi Hendrix record, a bit beaten up, a bit wild and some crazy tunes. But it ROCKS!


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Taken on January 7, 2012