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Shepard Fairey does Dexter

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Showtime commissions Shepard Fairey to paint a bus for a Dexter promotion. Compare the upturned three-quarter bust portrait to Fairey's Obama posters.

The Shepard Fairey iconic "obey" star icon is unmistakable, but hard to see in this iPhone shot. See embedded note.

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  1. CommandZed 77 months ago | reply

    I *love* this bus and had no idea it was Shepard Fairey! What a sell out…

  2. Joe Pemberton 77 months ago | reply

    Notice the re-use of Fairey's own Obama pose there. I've been interested to read about the emerging trend of co-opting propaganda posters. The upward stare, the aspirational 3/4 view and the posterized and bold color palette.

    Certainly Soviet-era style has been infused into the marketplace with brands like Stolichnaya. But it's taken me by surprise somewhat, seeing it on US political posters.

    Read an interesting blog on "Propaganda as Art Direction"

    And one on Hillary's use of the same style for this election:

    It seems clear to me that Showtime wanted to make the Obama connection or at least the election connection with the "Power Saw to the People" headline.

    I don't think this helps or hurts Obama. If anything it helps Showtime.

  3. Chri*C 75 months ago | reply

    wow, I havnt seen this before!!! I am a huge Fairy fan. I love that you can see his style in everything he does

    [discovered in the photophlow main room] (?)

  4. cblopez131 75 months ago | reply

    Damn...shepard fairey just went siick commercial...what a punk...

  5. Steps123 74 months ago | reply

    Joe how about you "write" your own comments.
    "Notice the re-use of Fairey's own Obama pose there. I've been interested to read about the emerging trend of co-opting propaganda posters. The upward stare, the aspirational 3/4 view and the posterized and bold color palette."

  6. Joe Pemberton 74 months ago | reply

    @Steps123 Um, I did write that. Can you clarify what you're suggesting?

    Are you referring to Yves' write-up in FontBlog?

  7. BlissArt 73 months ago | reply

    CommandZed And CommandZed You Guys Are Morons. Shep Has Had A Graphic Design Company That Specializes In Advertising Right When He Got Out Of RISD. He's Not A Sellout Unless He Stopped Putting Up Street Art And Went Completely Into That Business. Idiots

  8. Joe Pemberton 73 months ago | reply

    BlissArt and BlissArt. Good point.

  9. CommandZed 73 months ago | reply

    Blissart and Blissart - chill out. I have always been and always will be a huge fan of Fairey.

    And Stop Using So Many Caps.

  10. mar-jO 72 months ago | reply

    I wish I could see those bus in the street here!

  11. Curseo 60 months ago | reply

    His "style" is nothing new. First it IS propaganda style art. that is one of his favorites. He does "borrow" ALOT of those very posters from black panthers to soviet and many more which is fine... but then he goes and tries to copyright and protect them as his own...which is not to cool. I hate to point this out since I have been an early adopter of his works with the first andre has a posse in RI 89-90 then NYC to the misfits andre look onto his new stuff. but just check this link --> www.art-for-a-change.com/Obey/index.htm <--
    like I said I do like his work. He just may have inspired more artists than most any other artist of our generation (im 34yrs old) in part because of his guerilla style street work which adds a almost superheroesque mythical icon but it has all been done one way or another just do the research. picasso said something like "the bad artists borrow, great artists steal." (which IS so often used as a way for artists to be lazy)... just look at banksy with his show at the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery.... whom I also really like but that is another story...

  12. Flick-is-still-really-dull. [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

    Shepard Fairey gets dissed in Brooklyn New York City !

  13. daichendt 22 months ago | reply


    I am just finishing an academic book about Fairey and wonder if you would grant me permission to print this in the book? I am glad to answer more questions etc. - my email is gdaichendt@apu.edu


  14. Joe Pemberton 22 months ago | reply

    Sure Daichendt. Is it too much to ask that you send me a copy of the book in trade for use of the photo? (Wish the pic were better quality for you.)

  15. daichendt 22 months ago | reply

    No it's not too much to ask. Do you happen to have a hi-res version? I think the flickr download is too small.

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