iPod Sad Face

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    This is what my iPod photo did today. I was thrilled when I found out that I have to ship my iPod to Apple for repair.

    Apparently Sad Apples existed long before Sad iPods. click here


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    iPod Sad Face
    Sep 10th, 2011 by admin

    Help! My iPod Photo’s spoilt
    JANUARY 9, 2006

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    1. zhi yang 113 months ago | reply

      how assertive. my ipod photo gave me this sad face yesterday too, the biggest problem? now itunes and my mac desktop cant detect it totally.

    2. zhi yang 112 months ago | reply

      that guy is me :D i was searching for anyone who encountered a similar problem.

      and coincidentally, since my warrenty is expired. i brought it to this 3rd party apple guy this evening and he finally got the problem fixed for me. hooray.

    3. Joel Washing 112 months ago | reply

      Oh, congrats. It is very sad when you are without your ipod. Thanks for linking my picture. I feel honored.

    4. Dr Yap 111 months ago | reply

      Hi Joel,

      Nice clear picture you took. I''m using it here on my blog:


    5. Joel Washing 111 months ago | reply

      Julian- Cool. Thanks for letting me know.

    6. re-Verse 108 months ago | reply

      I just had the same thing - coudln't fix it for 3 hours... after reading some blog on the net, i tried something crazy - I took it out of its sleeve, held it about 2.5-3 feet from the floor, and dropped it...

      now it works Perfectly.

      Since my warranty was expired, I figured I had nothing to lose. Its wortha shot before sending it in for expensive maintenance.

    7. zhi yang 108 months ago | reply

      woah dude? you seriously did that? Damn, i should have tried it before getting a new one..

    8. pinkegobox 107 months ago | reply

      i've fixed the sad face icon twice now by dropping it just two-three inches onto my wooden desk. i assume it only works when you can hear the hdd inside trying to spin up and failing, and quick nudge and it's back in place. it's really lame how badly the ipod reacts to just being pulled out of a usb slot... i've never seen another external hdd that brakes when you do that.

    9. Zach Vitale 106 months ago | reply

      Wow. So this morning I was scrolling through my music and got the sad face icon. This was really upsetting because it's sort of the most obnoxious, disconcerting icon I've ever seen.

      Anyway, I just dropped it on the floor. AND IT WORKS NOW! Amazing!

      Pretty awesome too, because after a 15 minute conversation with someone from Apple, they determined it would be 250 to 300 dollars to repair it. And all it took was dropping it on the floor. Funny, eh?

      Thanks for the advice. :-)

    10. richardphotographer 88 months ago | reply

      This happened to me last year. iPod 30GB Photo I had since 2005 failed with the sad face. Bought a new 30GB Video.

      2 months later after viewing 'Spank Your iPod' videos on YouTube about slapping the iPod to get it going again I thought I would give it a go.

      Wish I never now. It worked first time. Had 2 working iPods, but the old one is in a new home and belongs to the missus! =D

    11. Joel Washing 88 months ago | reply

      I had a second iPod photo that began displaying the sad face. This happened about a month ago so I put it in a drawer and bought a new iPod Nano. When I read your comment I pulled it out and gave it one good slap and it lives again! So, the predicament now: I have two perfectly good iPods and only one set of ears. Thanks for posting this!

    12. psteinberg 87 months ago | reply

      My daughter's 30 GB iPod Photo just exhibited the same problem, and no computer in my house will recognize it at all (PC or Mac). I bought it to the Apple store, but they just slid it back across the Genius Bar and said that I had to contact HP for support since HP made them and Apple just sold them the cases. It's way out of warranty so I wouldn't have used Apple to fix it, too expensive.

      Anyhow I just sent it today to ikaput.com for a free diagnostic...

    13. elcalinperu 87 months ago | reply

      thank you all who knows how to repairs things by the old fashion way -..by dropping it that is. !!!! i dropped it like 1 ft height et voila! haha i'm glad it worked i had this sad face for like 2 weeks and now it simply works!!!!! yoo wooo!!! =D

    14. _glenlockhart 87 months ago | reply

      Hey - Just gave it the 3 inch drop and Blam ! The Greatest come back since lazarus !!! Love it !

    15. Joel Washing 87 months ago | reply

      Isn't it just amazing!

    16. sixstringnorth 86 months ago | reply

      Holy shit- I can't believe it. It worked!

      Thank you. My 30G iPod photo has been showing the damned sad face for 24 hrs- didn't have any of it's 4300 songs backed up anywhere, good lord. Have been extremely bummed.

      Now it's suddenly working fine- this is great!

      When I could hear the clicking and whirring (when the initial apple logo was showing), I dropped it onto my wooden desktop from about 3 inches above the desk. It immediately kicked into gear and came back to life. Crazy... hopefully it lasts.

      Thanks again

    17. Joel Washing 86 months ago | reply

      Time after time this seems to be working. Whether you use the slap or the drop method it dislodges a stuck hard drive like a miracle. This advice should be made official at Apple's support department!

    18. erudition71 75 months ago | reply

      thanks for the info. i got this message on my ipod yesterday.

    19. Nicole Mon. 61 months ago | reply

      i was skeptical about all these comments
      but i started slapping my ipod photo which i haven't touched in about 5 years.
      and now it works!

      thank you. :3

      after 2 hours of pressing menu&select and then select&pause
      i go onto flickr to find this photo and the solution to my problem.

      another reason why i think flickr is so amazing.(:

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