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    Modern rifles and assault rifles, including a French FAMAS, Czech VZ.52 (not an SKS variant as I thought) rifle, M-4 (I originally thought it was a Colt Commando), M40A1 sniper rifle (thought it was an M-24), Dragunov sniper rifle, a Valmet assault rifle, and of course, an underfolder AK-47 with bayonet.

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    1. barjack 97 months ago | reply

      Very cool. The second from the top is actually a Czech "SHE" rifle in 7.62x45 caliber, a very weird size that negates the usefulness of the SHE rifles that are circulating about gun stores in the US.

    2. joelogon 97 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the correction. -- Joe

    3. robfarrelltho 92 months ago | reply

      Good catch barjack. And you're right about that being an M24 joelogon. It's essentially an accurized Remington700. I believe Gunny Hathcock helped modify it for military use.

    4. Rameez Siddiqi 89 months ago | reply

      oh oh oh I havea gun that shoots water does that count hahahaha ????

    5. Martin Gunawan 86 months ago | reply

      nice collection!

    6. joelogon 86 months ago | reply

      Well, it _is_ the NRA's....

    7. billy_lam26 81 months ago | reply

      Oh sweeeet!
      nice photo!

    8. josefjob_20 72 months ago | reply

      it is 1.famas assault rifle 2.a czech vz52 3. an m4a1 carbine[ not m16] 4.. a m4-f2 5.mp5 6.ak 47 with a bayonet

    9. joelogon 72 months ago | reply

      You're correct on the m4; not sure what an M4-f2 is (I think you mean M40, which has a1 and a3 variants), and you're way off on "mp5" -- that's clearly an AK-pattern rifle, the Finnish Valmet.

    10. zellf88 63 months ago | reply

      the SDV is so wonderful ^_^

    11. one_stoned_dog 56 months ago | reply

      An US ARMY M24 is the same (almost) as a USMC M40A1.

    12. one_stoned_dog 56 months ago | reply

      The gun pictured is a USMC M40A1, because it has the Unertl 10X scope that was made for the USMC only. Army used another scope.

    13. one_stoned_dog 56 months ago | reply

      You wrong , it is a Colt Cammando, because an M4 does not have a carry handle, it has a flat top rail. We carried them on our Rescue Choppers.

    14. Wizard.86 44 months ago | reply

      Actually, it's a semi-auto Colt SP1 Carbine, made for civilians. You can tell because it has a 16" barrel and that lame front dual-screw pivot.

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