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My keychain. It's got 2 flashlights (the Photon and Arc AAA), a Traser Glowring that will glow in the dark for 10 years (it's, um, radioactive), a Swiss Army Rally knife (with a bottle opener, phillips screwdriver, regular screwdriver, nail file, tweezers & toothpick -- oh, and a knife of course), capsule with some cash and Pepsid antacids, a Spyderco Ladybug knife, and a safety pin.

It's all held together by a flat wire gate mini-carabiner.

There's also an NYC subway token, which you can't really see.

Incidentally, I edited the cuts on the house key, so don't go trying to dupe it from the picture. Actually, it's practically a bump key in this photo.

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  1. voidmstr 93 months ago | reply

    It WAS a big keychain in your pocket!~@#@#!#

    And here I thought you were happy to see me.


  2. LightsOn 92 months ago | reply

    Hey this is perfect for the new "What's on your keychain group?"!

  3. D. C. Elliott 91 months ago | reply

    Please consider adding this image to Swiss Army Knives
    Invited with invite script

  4. Golden Striker 80 months ago | reply

    As a locksmith, can say it's VERY bad for your car's ignition cylinder to have such a heavy key ring. Take that car key in your hand and hold it between your fingers edgewise with all that stuff hanging from it. See how heavy that is? Now imagine that it swings around as you drive, literally rubbing the fragile, thin brass wafers in the lock, as well as wearing the shoulder of the key down. I suggest keeping the car keys on another ring with only maybe a house key and lightweight key ring. I carry mine separately so if one of them gets lost, I still have the others.

  5. joelogon 80 months ago | reply

    Golden Striker -- that's why the mini-carabiner is there -- the car keys are on their own ring, which can be detached as a unit as needed.

  6. SamuraiGhost 77 months ago | reply

    If you are so concerned about security, get a medeco. That very key you have in the picture would open your lock with amazing ease.

  7. law4cx 75 months ago | reply

    Glowfobs are available here:

  8. skea_m 55 months ago | reply

    Nice Swiss Knife. I 'm carrying a same one.

  9. Golden Striker 55 months ago | reply

    For what it's worth, "bump keys" do work just as they say they do. The only way around a lock being bumped open is to get a high security lock. I recommend something like the Schlage Primus line, which is far more affordable than Medeco. Medeco is not necessarily the last word in high security locks and keys, either.

    Hardware stores do not sell high security locks no matter what it may say on the package. You can only get them from a locksmith.

    Master says they have a deadbolt which is bump resistant. This is absolutely a FALSE statement. The lock is bump-key resistant because it can be locked from the inside so no key (not even the right one) can open it from the outside. Great, but, um, you can't use that feature when you're not home otherwise you'd never bene able to make it back in.

  10. run for cover! 45 months ago | reply

    wow, you have a lot of redundancy on your keychain!

  11. Hirsute Ursus 45 months ago | reply

    Aah, the Rally SAK. Just bought mine and am thoroughly enjoying it!

  12. joelogon 45 months ago | reply

    The scales were starting to go on my Rally, so I switched to a leatherman style. It has scissors, but no bottle opener.

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